5 Marketing Strategies To Help You Sell To Gen X

Jun 27, 2022 6 Min Read
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Include Gen X into your marketing demographic and see the magic!

Are you looking to generate more sales and promote the growth of your business enterprise? If yes, you must work towards attracting potential customers, including those from gen X or those people born between 1965 and 1980.  

Gen X may be the smallest of all generations. However, it has a high purchasing power, especially in finding the best IT support services in Dallas. However, most business owners ignore this group of people.

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Little did they know that targeting gen X could positively impact their bottom line. Therefore, you may want to promote your services to gen X to stay ahead of the competition.  

That said, here are some marketing strategies to help sell to gen X: 

1. Put Things On Social Media 

You might think that social media can’t help grow your business. Surprisingly, it can allow you to connect with gen X. 

Although social media is common among the young millennial generation, most gen X still utilise social media. That's why you need to create a business social media account to connect with these audiences. 

In the past, gen X used social media only to connect with family members and friends. This has changed over time, though, with a significant percentage of them using social media to find services online. Therefore, putting things on social media may allow you to connect with gen X.  

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You can consider various social media tools to market your services to gen X, but not all of them can best suit your firm. For that reason, you may want to select the right tools. Besides, you may want to click here for an IT and MSP marketing plan to help create effective promotional campaigns.

2. Leverage The Power Of Content Marketing

Another effective strategy to sell to gen X is through content and marketing. This involves publishing online materials on your company website to attract more traffic. Note that the more website visitors you have, the higher the chances of generating many leads and customers.  

Today, there are various components of content marketing, but the most common are blogs, videos, and images.  

Gen X will visit your company’s website to find information. Hence, you may want to publish relevant content. 

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Having irrelevant content on your website may force generation X to find assistance elsewhere. This affects your sales in the long run.  

Publishing useful content to generation X is easier than you thought. You only need to study them to determine their needs or interests.  

Aside from that, you can visit your competitors’ websites to see the type of content they post online. From there, you can create suitable online materials for your target audience.  

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In addition, you may want to use the correct language when creating content for gen X. This is true because their language keeps changing. For instance, the language used by the modern generation may not be suitable for gen X. Thus, you might not get better returns on your content marketing if you utilise language they can’t relate to in any way.  

However, creating relevant content for gen X isn’t enough; you must optimise them for keywords. This is a practice of including the most searched keywords or phrases online by your target audience. 

With this, you enable your online content to rank high on search engine tools, resulting in most gen X likely connecting with your brand. This increases your chances of making more sales.  

3. Consider SEO Marketing

You might be offering the best IT services in the region, but you might not connect with gen X without leveraging the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing.  

Like other generations, gen X finds it convenient to find services and products online. This means that your brand must be visible to connect with these audiences. That’s where SEO marketing comes in.  

SEO marketing is the practice of boosting a website to rank high. Simply put, SEO involves all tactics you can adopt on your website to appear on the first page or top records of online searches. This allows a big group of generation X to connect with your brand, which may enhance your sales eventually.  

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You can consider various ways to boost your SEO marketing strategy. These include providing a search bar, optimising the site for voice searches, increasing the site loading time, adding more languages to your website, and creating a mobile-friendly website, among other tactics. Ask any consultant, like marketing consultancy services Dubai, and they will be able to provide advice on this.  

4. Try Direct Mailing

Direct mailing may seem like an outdated way of connecting with customers. However, it can work wonders in gen X. A large portion of this group may prefer direct mail over electronically transferred materials. Therefore, you may include direct mail in your marketing strategy

That said, direct mail is a form of business promotion that depends on printed materials and postal services to deliver advertising materials to individual customers, enhancing the response rate. As a result, you’ll likely generate more leads and sales. However, working with a reliable direct mail service provider would be a good idea. This is true regardless of whether you utilise a private or public postal service company.  

5. Implement Email Marketing

Email marketing has been available for many decades, and all signs indicate that this promotional strategy will remain in use for the foreseeable future.  

As opposed to generation Z and millennials, who constantly spend most of their time on smartphones, gen X finds it convenient to communicate via mail. Hence, you need to add electronic mail to your business marketing strategy. 

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With email marketing, you can target a vast group of gen X. Besides, you can track the progress of your messages. For instance, you can use email marketing software to determine who read your messages and who didn’t. Find a suitable email marketing service provider like any other marketing strategy.  


The success of your IT support service company depends on your ability to connect with a large audience. Thus, you may want to target all groups of customers, including gen X.  

As detailed in this article, you can implement various marketing strategies to sell to gen X. Make sure you adopt the most suitable for your IT company

About Author: David is an independent marketing expert for small businesses. He loves sharing his insights to assist business owners in growing their sales. During his free time, David likes watching movies.

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