8 Ways: Attract More Customers Into Your Start-Up IT Company

Jun 21, 2022 1 Min Read
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The more people know about your company, the more you can invite, and the more customers to avail of your IT services.

Building a start-up IT company is very challenging these days, especially with the tough competition that you’ll be facing. Since there are already plenty of IT companies suddenly emerging here and there, allowing your company to be noticeable and heard should be on top of your priority list. The more people know about your company, the more you can invite, and the more customers to avail of your IT services.

As you build an IT service, your goal would most likely be ahead of your competitors and be the number one IT company locally until you try to go internationally. While you can always check Fusion, providing IT services in Toronto, for inspiration, you should allow your company to be unique and eye-catching.

Listed below are some ways to attract more customers to your start-up IT company:

1. Create An Effective Sales Pitch

One of the best and most effective ways to attract more customers is by creating an effective sales pitch. This way, you’ll allow yourself to use the right words and strategy on how you can connect with your potential customers. The more you allow yourself and your business to be personal with them, the more you can encourage them to avail of your service.

All you have to do now is to know how to craft a sales pitch for IT support services. With the right pitch, you can just watch your business skyrocket with amazing sales.

2. Choose A Company Name

Choosing the perfect name is one of the first things you should consider for your start-up company to attract more customers. This allows your future customers to know what your company does right away. It helps them understand what service or products your company is offering. Being straightforward in choosing the right name adds more visibility for your company.

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Make sure that the name is simple, searchable, and self-explanatory. This would help you reach more customers since they can have a glimpse of what you do based on your company name. Moreover, choosing an SEO-friendly company name could also help increase your ranking, allowing your business to reach a larger audience.

3. Build A Skilled Founding Team

For start-up companies to attract customers, you need to ensure that your company is full of skilled members. This helps them know that the people who started the company are capable, especially since you’re all knowledgeable in any project you’re part of, and working in an IT sector is crucial as you need everything to be perfect. Ensure you’re also unified regarding anything, as this can help you land further customers.

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A unified team shows you can work and deliver any service without issues. It’s essential to consider this as one of your priorities since this is one of the things customers may think about, especially since your company is still a start-up.

4. Promote Your Expertise

Promoting your company’s expertise makes it clearer for your future customers what you can offer. You can showcase what your company is capable of, and it may attract interested people and even create noise which can lead to future customers.

You can opt to speak to different panels related to your company’s field, host a few webinars wherein you can discuss some of your products, or even host some educational sessions for people interested in what your company does. With this, they can have a clear overview of what your company is good at. Alternatively, publishing ads on social media and other platforms might also be helpful.

5. Update Your Website

Your website is one of the first things your future customers can see whenever they check for your company. Your company’s website is also in charge of ensuring people can find your company. With this, it’s crucial to keep it up to date and make sure that all information is relevant. You don’t want an outdated contact number to appear since your website should be the reference point for all your future customers. They would use the information on your website to contact you, so there’s no point in adding inactive numbers or email addresses.

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6. Offer Free Trials

You can think about offering trials for your products or service to fish your company some customers. This allows them to explore the capabilities of the products that you’re currently offering. Should they see the benefit of your product, they’ll surely take the chance in buying your product or avail of your service. Free trials help your company be more exposed to the market and attract future customers. Most people want to try out a product or service before paying for them in full. You should also ensure that your free trial is somewhat useful and functional; you don’t want to offer them something just for the sake of a free trial.

7. Create Promotions and Discounts

Creating promotions and discounts is a good way of attracting potential customers. You can offer discounts for your new customers, something they won’t be able to refuse. Good offers can help customers decide when they avail themselves of your product or service. Some people want an incentive, especially when dealing with a new company. But if your company is willing to offer these types of incentives to your potential customers, it’d be beneficial since there would be many people interested in trying out your product.

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8. Partner With Other Businesses

One of the things that you could do to make your company more visible to the public is to partner up with businesses that complement yours. Making your company and theirs stand and work with each other will make it seem that your company is reliable. Or, if possible, if your company provides services, you can offer them to those businesses, which then allows you to build something for them. In return, if people can see the service that you have provided for those businesses, your company will generate buzz and curiosity, and interested people will now start reaching out to your company.


Attracting more customers to your start-up IT company would never be a walk in the park, especially with the tight competition. But with the right planning and strategy, you should allow your business to rise from the board and enable your name to be popular so that people think of you whenever they think of any IT service. This way, you can fully achieve your business goals and allow more people to take advantage of what you have to offer.

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