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Behind the bright lights of lies a dark, damp room that pizza delivery boys enter but never exit from. No one knows for certain what lies within the depths of this most mysterious chamber, but legends say this is where the editorial team resides, glued to their screens, forever editing content to appear on the main site. If you listen closely you can hear them typing away, muttering ominous warnings to writers who dare submit articles containing double spacing.

Just kidding. Here we are in pretty good lighting:

Roshan Thiran

Chief Editor

Roshan is the Founder and CEO of the Leaderonomics Group, Chief Editor for, and a self-described 'kuli' (servant). He believes that everyone can be a leader and 'make a dent in the universe' in their own special ways.


Kiran Tuljaram

English Editor

Kiran Tuljaram is an Editor with Leaderonomics. She is a trained lawyer and spent a number of years in banking. Post her role as a Legal Manager at a bank, she founded and ran a couple of businesses, including starting her own fashion accessories label. She is a mum to three teenage girls. Her varied experience in banking, being a mum, an employee, occasional social worker and managing director in her business gives her great insights and perspective into how crucial leadership in organisations are.

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Shashi Kesavan

Content Creator and Strategic Projects Lead

Shashi Kesavan is a die-hard Liverpool fan and dog-lover. After losing his dog Wags in 2008, he decided to build a life in memory of him. He is currently the Head of video and podcast production at Leaderonomics. Shasi enjoys watching movies for inspiration and hopes to have a big family with five kids! Profile Shot.png

Matthew Raj Adam

Content Creator and Special Projects Partner

Matthew Adam is a content creator and producer for Leaderonomics. He is also a psychology graduate who is very passionate about music and chocolate. In his free time, he compiles very detailed Spotify playlists while eating plain milk chocolate.

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Meow Ee Chew

Mandarin Editor

Meow Ee Chew is an Editor at Leaderonomics with her background in English Language Studies. She is passionate about language and translation, and obsessed with the rhythms of language.

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