Which Shape Are You?

Jun 16, 2014 1 Min Read

A simple self-assessment exercise to understand yourself better


Here is a simple exercise which could help you identify your strengths and see what works best for you.

• Step 1: Think of these four shapes, i.e. a cube, a pyramid, a wavy line and a ball.

• Step 2: Choose the shape which resonates with you the strongest. List down the shaped in the order starting from which appeals to you most, right to the one which appeals to you least.

Once you are done with Step 2, read the following for an explanation of each shape and the personality associated with it.


The cube: The systems person


You are an analytical person. Your greatest strength is your knack to think things through, analyse in detail and avoid fatal mistakes.

However, this can also be a weakness because you can be held back when you analyse too much. You tend to hold back any decision-making up till you have all the facts. It is also unnatural for you to take risks without the facts.

Mistakes are not an option in your books, and as a result, you are prone to limit opportunities that come your way. You are a task-driven individual. You should learn to sit back, relax a little and let things work themselves out once in a while.

The pyramid: The results person


You are driven by success. Achieving results are very important to you. You set goals, and make it a priority to make sure you reach them.

You tend to move in fast paces and sometimes jump to decisions too fast before considering all the facts affecting it. It would help for you to look at the analytical side of things before you jump into action.

You also like to be in control of the things you are involved in. You may need to loosen up a little and take things slow.

The wavy line: The idea person

Wavy line

You are the person who is always full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm for life. You are often referred to as the light of the room, the one who always brightens up the atmosphere.

You often find yourself coming up with a lot of ideas. However, you do not always follow through those ideas because you do not focus long enough to make them work. In fact, you find yourself bouncing from one idea to another very quickly.

If you slow down and pay attention to details, and learn to be more focused and persevere on the task at hand, you can actually achieve a lot of things, especially with your brilliant ideas.

The ball: The people pleaser

Basically, in everything that you do, you just want to make people happy. You are usually the first to volunteer whenever someone needs help.


However, while getting caught up taking care of others, you tend to overlook yourself. You very often take on more than you can handle.

You are stubborn and carry a great deal of pride, which prohibits you from sharing your feelings in a meaningful way. You would do well by learning how to be more assertive and, most importantly, saying “no” and meaning it, especially when asked to take on tasks you cannot handle.


There are many personality tests available for you to take. Some of the well-known ones are:

· Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

· The Big Five Personality Traits test

· The NEO Personality Inventory Revised (NEO PI-R) test

· The Rorschach test

*This article is adapted from Jacqueline Wales’ What Personality Type Are You?

Hyma Pillay is operations leader for the myStarjob.com career guide team and the Leaderonomics content team. Click here to read more articles from leaderonomers.

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Hyma is a Special Education Teacher who is passionate about making an impact on the lives of children through education. Her hopes is to save the world, one child at a time. She was previously part of the Editorial team at Leaderonomics.com

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