Finding Meaning In Your Work

Feb 06, 2015 1 Min Read


Finding a sense of purpose in our job is an imperative element of work satisfaction.

Think about it. If you do not feel that the work you do is significant in any way, would you think that your job is personally rewarding?

Doing work that “gives back” in some way can make us feel competent in our work and this can be personally rewarding.

But how does one go about finding significance in their job?

Work, work, work!

One plain and simple way to do it is by putting more effort into your work. Going to work just to fulfill the required amount of time at the office won’t give you the progress you need to develop your skills and find out what aspects of your work you like.

Working harder can also help you produce a higher quality output.

This will not only impress your colleagues and superiors, showing them that you can handle issues responsibly, but it will also leave you feeling accomplished and ultimately, satisfied!

Take pride in what you do

Being proud of your job definitely means you’re happy with it. Take time to explore the parts of your job that you think is the most rewarding, both personally and for the organisation you work for.

Learn to be proud and take credit for the work that you contribute.

Marry your passion with your job

Think of at least three activities you love doing and are good at that do not necessarily have to be work-related.

Figure out specific skills needed for you to do those activities that could be related to a work setting.

This can help you apply those skills that you’ve more or less mastered to your job.


Being satisfied with your job does not only benefit the organisation you work for, but also your well-being.
When you have a job that you look forward to in the mornings, it makes you look at things in a more positive, upbeat way.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 7 February 2015

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