Cracking the Motivation Code to Overcome Demotivation

Oct 04, 2021 22 Min Podcast

When people feel a sense of connection, they naturally feel more motivated and happier

A man walking on the middle of an empty road (Motivation)
The Motivation Code

With the pandemic turning our lives upside down, many people have been finding it difficult to regain their motivation. Adeline Yii, Customer Success Partner at Leaderonomics Digital, breaks down what motivation is, how to identify demotivation in people, and how to take the first steps towards being motivated.

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Tags: Purpose, Motivation

Adeline Yii is a senior leader in Leaderonomics Digital. She works with trusted global partners to bring new digital solutions including AI backed technology to clients across MNCs and SMEs in the learning and development sphere. She drives the growth of the LXP Necole and the best engagement tech Happily and Budaya, and also an LMS and the MentorCloud mentoring platform.

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