Did You Know: 6 Fun Facts About Colours

Sep 13, 2013 1 Min Read

 While there are no universal colour-effects because associations are highly dependent on culture and personal contexts, there are nevertheless several interesting points about colour to note:

Colour, in general, passively stimulates, while monotony slows down brain activity.

Yellow is the most visible colour, hence why highlighters are commonly yellow.

3 According to a 2003 report by the Coalition of Health Environments Research, the Arabian Avicenna who lived in 980-1037 advised people suffering from nose-bleeding against looking at things that were red, believing it would make the bleeding worse.

4 Anthroposophic medicine today still employs the use of colours in healthcare. According to the same report, warm colours like red are used in the rooms of patients who have “cold” illnesses like arthritis. Cool tones, such as a cool blues, are used for conditions such as inflammations – not too different from the “hot” and “cold” dichotomy in Chinese culture.

Colour associations can differ according to cultural contexts. Black, while perceived as stylish and elegant on the one hand, also carries negative connotations in religious or superstitious contexts.

6 A 2011 survey by Dulux Paints involving respondents from 30 different countries found that the most popular colour in the world is blue. Forty-two per cent of males and 30% of females listed blue as their favourite colour.

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