Beauty Is Not Just Skin-Deep

Mar 04, 2016 1 Min Read


Redefining what matters most to you

Just like many young women, I love exploring different colours and styles. If I liked something on a mannequin, I’d be sure it would look good on me, and no one can tell me otherwise.

I had a room full of clothes that I had never worn but I took pride that I had so many.

Today, I no longer need quantity to feel and look good. I prefer to keep quality pieces, i.e. clothing that is of a good cut, and something that is truly my style.

Review your style

It is important to review your wardrobe from time to time to ensure that what you have will serve you well.

Identify the types of clothing that fit your current lifestyle, flatter your body shape and make you shine.

There are six style personalities and they may change as we evolve. Imagine picking up a dress and saying, “This has my sister written all over it.”

Each one of us has at least a combination of two style personalities which we identify with. These are:

1. Classic
2. Dramatic
3. Romantic
4. Intellectual
5. Creative
6. Natural

There is a common misconception that one has to follow trends in order to be stylish.

I believe that being trendy shows that a person knows what to buy. But being stylish shows that a person knows what to keep.

Choose clothing and accessories that are true to your style personality but don’t be afraid to experiment when things get boring at work or at play.

Consider your appearance as your brand and the details of your appearance as your story.

Wear colours that are for you

P10_0503_Image Matters_small pic(please state that pic sourced byFERIAL)

Image sourced from: ByFERIAL

According to the 4×4 colour system (ByFERIAL), there are 16 seasons altogether. This system caters to all skin types.

The objective of a colour analysis is to make sure that you are empowered to build your wardrobe around the colours that are harmonious with your hair and skin colour.

Most importantly, the colour analysis helps to show your uniqueness.

Having a colour analysis done at least twice in your lifetime is important to identify the colours that bring out your best features, flatter you and make you look stunning.

Once you have identified the colours that wash you out or make you look aged, avoid wearing them near your face.

If it happens to be a colour that you love, invest in a handbag or a pair of shoes in that colour instead.

Constantly redefine what success is to you

As an entrepreneur, I have to constantly remind myself of what it truly means to be successful.

It is easy to get caught up in society’s expectations, thinking that meeting those expectations will make us happy. Sadly, we often measure our success by seeking approval from family and friends.

Align your success to your strategy and goals. Be committed to enjoying the journey instead of the destination.

Sometimes failure paves the road to success. Sometimes, we get knocked down to rise up above all odds to be bigger and better than before.

As humans, it is normal to compare ourselves to others. However, it is imperative that we stop doing that.

Stop weaving a web of negative thoughts that has no end. That energy will be better spent on our self-development instead of creating more negative energy.

Focus on creating positivity for your journey and positivity will then create a powerful you.

In the words of Augustine “Og” Mandino: Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Keep a positive mindset

We read books on how to be positive and how to stay motivated. Positive messages can be found on Instagram, Facebook and every other social media.

These messages are everywhere but most importantly, positivity has to start from us.

Most of the time, we tend to reflect more about what went wrong rather than what went right.

Negativity bias is something we must get rid of. If it’s a norm to be self-critical, it’s time to create a new norm.

Take a step back and realise that the criticisms are in our head. When they creep into your subconscious, remind yourself that they are non-existent.

“The sexiest curve on your body is your smile. Flaunt it!” —Anonymous

A happy woman is one who attracts the right crowd—people of the same personality and energy—to her.

Would you do this?

This is not one of those articles where I cheer you on in your effort to eat clean or work out three times a week.

What I ask of you is to love your body unconditionally right at this moment; not when you weigh 10kg lighter, not when those scars fade away, or when the post-baby belly disappears.

Be kind to yourself especially when no one else can be and when every greeting seems to be a comment about your size and weight. Most importantly, forgive those people for they do not know what they say may hurt a lot.

Change is inevitable. Be liberated to feel gratitude for the one thing that is yours—your body. They say your body is a home, a shell, a temple, whatever you perceive it to be.

Peel away the self-criticism, the hate, that little voice in your mind and make this home, shell and temple a place that is filled with love and gratitude.

Final thoughts

As an image consultant and colour expert, my goal is to help clients look and feel good so that they can walk away with renewed confidence.

While looking good and feeling great are vital, having a healthy mindset completes the package.

I wish you constant self-development so you may flaunt that smile and exude positive energy.

Happy International Women’s day!

Krystal Clare is a certified image consultant who draws experience from her background in fashion, branding and customer service to help her clients create a personal brand presence. For training in corporate grooming and consultancy, get in touch at For more Image Matters articles, click here.


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