10 Traits Of The Confident Female Leader

Mar 02, 2016 4 Min Read
A woman smiling reflecting a confident female leader
Become a Confident Female Leader, Unlock Your Unique Leadership Potential

We all know confident women and confident female leaders. They light up a room when they arrive and they always leave a positive impression. They seem to have an indefinable ‘something’ that makes them special, and perhaps even inspiring.
Very little stands in the way of emulating the confidence of those female leaders who inspire you. And it’s unlikely they were born so confident. It took mindfulness and practice, so if they can do it so can you.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

10 traits of confident female leaders

  1. They use their words wisely, with respect and consideration. This is particularly true when speaking of other women. They have no need to gossip, or drag others down to make themselves feel better. Women with confidence are too excited by their plans and dreams.
  2. They don’t take anything personally. Women who lead confidently know that the only person they can control is themselves, and they are not responsible for anyone else’s emotions or behaviours. You cannot control what others do, only how you respond.
  3. They use their power for good instead of evil. They know their strengths and capabilities, and seek opportunities to make the world around them just a little better. Whether they do so by mentoring another woman in their team and helping them achieve their own goals, or fighting for human rights, they are selfless and share their talent with others.
  4. They give credit where it is due. Confident female leaders won’t take credit for another’s success. They have more respect for themselves and others. They also celebrate the achievements of others, and the satisfaction of having assisted others along the journey is more than enough. They support women, and don’t compete with them.
  5. They trust their instincts. They are thorough and decisive, and when they have made a decision, they stick to it. They don’t hesitate or second guess, and this in turn instils confidence and motivates the team they lead.
  6. They don’t lead to be liked. Confident leaders are not afraid to make tough decisions even though they may not be popular. She can handle opposition and will deal with it rationally and fairly, with the conviction to stand by any decision. Those she leads respect her for her ability to follow through and be consistent.
  7. They learn from their mistakes. Bumps in the road do not knock confident female leaders off course. They do not expect perfection from themselves or others, and know that with success and responsibility comes risk and sometimes failure. The ability to get up and get on with it after a setback keeps them moving forward and inspires others.
  8. They believe in balance and reward. Working hard in the times of heavy workload is balanced with a break and reward for the team when the job is done. Confident women lead by example and put in the big hours when required but they are not afraid to celebrate, regroup and take a breather in preparation for the next challenge ahead.
  9. They don’t waste time on worry. ‘What-ifs’ and ‘should-have-beens’ don’t exist for the women who is confident in her leadership. Worry changes nothing and is a waste of energy. They stay focused to move forward.
  10. They are authentic. Understanding their own motivations and being clear in their belief systems, confident leadership in women who inspire and motivate is effective, credible and consistent. Insincerity is obvious and unacceptable to those you lead, even if they can’t quite identify what’s not right. Authenticity is central to female leaders with confidence.

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Parting thoughts

If you are unsure of yourself, people won’t listen. If you don’t believe in the course you set, then others won’t be motivated and inspired to follow you. Perhaps you’re almost ready to become a confident female leader by unlocking your unique leadership potential. You can do it. You’ve got this.

Posted with permission on Leaderonomics.com.

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