6 Tips To Become A Successful Property Manager

Nov 15, 2022 6 Min Read

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Becoming a successful property manager cannot be done overnight!

Being a property manager is a career that provides numerous benefits. When you pursue this rewarding career, you can gain a lot of insights into the real estate market. Aside from that, you can set your own hours and have flexibility in defining your pay rate. 

However, as you start this career, it will be hard to gain the trust of prospective clients at first—especially when you’re relatively unknown. You must first establish yourself as a real estate professional with a good reputation within the community to attract clients. 

To establish yourself, you have to possess the right training and credentials. You may check the information given in this link https://iccpropertymanagement.com/comprehensive-guide-condo-property-manager-toronto-top-qualities-look/ to know more.

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Additionally, below are six tips that will help you become a successful property manager:

1. Get The Proper Credentials

All states require you to be licensed to run a property management business. Laws vary from state to state, but you’ll need at least a few years of experience managing properties and an accredited degree in real estate.  

Getting your license requires passing an exam that tests your knowledge of property management laws, regulations, and practices. You can prepare for the exam by enrolling in a real estate training program like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Institute’s Managing Investment Property course. After passing the test, you must decide if you want to work as an independent contractor or an employee for a firm.  

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Working as an independent contractor means you are responsible for finding clients on your own and maintaining business relationships with clients. Alternatively, working as an employee means that the company has already built relationships with its clients and you will only be assigned to certain owners within a particular location.

2. Attend Seminars To Keep Up With New Trends And Regulations

Attending seminars from time to time will help you gain more knowledge about the real estate market. You could hear about these seminars from other colleagues and real estate regulatory boards in your area.

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These events are great avenues for you to acquire more knowledge and keep abreast with new trends, laws, and regulations that affect the real estate market. You can use this knowledge to know the needs of your clients and even become a reliable consultant for them when they need advice on real estate purchases and tenant management. 

3. Create A Systematic Filing System 

Implementing a filing system that works best for you ensures that all your paperwork is easy to access when necessary. For instance, you might need these documents when keeping track of tenant payments or keeping a record of maintenance requests. In turn, you can keep your clients satisfied with the constant updates and transparency they get from you.

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When creating a document management system, you must keep records of rent payments, leases, and maintenance requests in multiple filing containers and have a cloud-based backup as much as possible. 

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Next, you should assess where to keep your physical documents. It’s important to choose a secure location where the documents will be protected from damaging elements. These documents must also be safe from unauthorised persons who might use the information for malicious purposes.

Protecting the confidential information of your tenants and property owners will boost your credibility and reputation as a reliable property manager.

4. Learn How To Deal With Difficult Tenants 

One of the most challenging parts of being a property manager is dealing with difficult tenants. However, you are expected to handle tenancy issues professionally because this is generally the main reason why clients prefer to hire a property manager.

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A majority of tenancy issues can be resolved when a written lease agreement was executed. A lease agreement enables you to avoid misunderstandings about what was initially agreed upon. As long as the terms and conditions of the lease agreement are clear, your clients and their tenants can refer to it anytime when an issue or disagreement arises. 

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Hence, learning how to write a clear-cut lease agreement is a skill you should also develop. When you can divert and alleviate the dispute, you can do anything. To become a successful manager, you must know how to mitigate the situation post-haste. Furthermore, it shows you have solidified problem-solving and critical thinking skills that prove no waste should such an event arises.

It also helps to have a contact person among local authorities. This way, you can get assistance whenever a tenant has to be evicted or if you need further protection from a dispute that might get violent.

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5. Establish Connections With Local Realtors

To be a successful property manager, you should also be an effective networker. Establishing connections and fostering a professional relationship with realtors in your area can help you expand your clientele. Being able to accommodate and build connections shows how reliable and trustworthy you are as a manager and a person—leadership.

You can find local real estate agents by attending local seminars, real estate conventions, visiting an open house, or joining social media groups where agents hang out so you can connect with them. 

6. Market Yourself As An Expert 

To attract more clients, you have to position yourself as an expert. Property owners don’t hire property managers just because they want someone to collect rental payments on their behalf. They expect you to handle tenancy issues swiftly and professionally, maintain the property, keep documentation, and screen potential tenants. 

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You can start by creating a social media profile online. From there, you can share your expertise and attempt to resolve the most common issues that property owners are facing. For instance, you can publish a post that contains tips on how to deal with tenants who are refusing to pay rent.

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The goal is to present yourself as an expert that property owners can rely on and consult with. They may not need a property manager at the moment, but since they know you can be entrusted with such issues, you will be the first contact they’ll have in mind once they finally realise that they need the services of a property manager.

Key Takeaway 

Becoming a successful property manager cannot be done overnight. You have to build this career by first possessing the proper credentials and licenses and then working on building a credible reputation that will gain the trust of clients and other colleagues in the real estate market. 

With these six tips, you won’t just achieve success in property management because you can use them in every occasion particularly when one is trying to cement their leadership prowess and strengthen engagements wherein it showcases your gusto and initiatives. 

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