How to make your Instagram page make money for you: A guide for efficient promotion in 2022

Nov 14, 2022 6 Min Read

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IG promotion will get you far as quickly as possible!

It might be not that obvious to some, but Instagram has definitely won a name of a platform that offers the most amazing possibilities to creators of all kinds – if you’re a brand or a company owner, if you’re providing people with certain services, if you’re here simply to put forward some publications and share it with people, you will be able to develop and monetise your posts with minimum efforts if you’d turn to help from the third party services. Yes, this is exactly the money-making options that we’re talking about; promotional methods that require some investments also give warranties of their quality and can keep you calm, because these will certainly bring followers, thumbs up or any other things that you need on your page. 

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In this article we will talk about how you can use a huge one billion audience of Instagram in your favour and develop your profile using paid tools such as an opportunity to buy Instagram followers from providers like for an initial boost, targeted ads (and what’s the right time to set them) and influence PR, which can be paid and free, depending on the type of people you’re going to work with. 

What is influence marketing and why everybody should use it in 2022? 

Generally speaking, the times when you could spend several hours online liking and following other people and get the same in return have passed and today to develop your page you have to put in lots of effort, time and thought. And the first thing that you can do (for free!) is mutual PR – for that you need to find bloggers who have gathered nearly the same amount of readers as you have and offer them collaboration. You can tell about them on your page and vice versa: so if each one of you has 100 subs, together you will be able to bring it up to 200 and so forth. If you’d work with several bloggers at once, the results are going to be great. 

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But, if you’re here for more amazing results, you can turn to the paid influence PR from the very beginning – just make sure that you have enough posts uploaded to your profile and all the highlights organised the right way, so that people who visit your page could easily navigate through it. If your page is ready, you can find bloggers who will make a native ad about you in their profile for money (and yes, the price might vary a lot, so make sure to choose the right blogger). If they are from your or from the neighbouring niche (this is very necessary!) you’re going to get a big influx of people who are already interested in what you’re posting. 

Why buy followers if you can gain them yourself? 

Things are not that easy. You see, to gain a decent number of subs that would make your profile look weighty and mighty you’d have to spend months waiting and working hard. However, that base is needed to make people follow your profile with no hesitations, just because it is valued by other people – this is how reputation works, and yes, you can create it by your own hands but way faster, just by making several clicks on a promotional website with helpful packages. If you find a decent website that sells nice quality services such as twicsy, growthoid, and kicksta and buy real Instagram followers from them, you will be able to seriously change the game for your page once and for all. 

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But be careful here: if you’d buy fake subs and bots, you can harm your profile by that favour. Insta algorithms scan the pages on what type of interactions they are daily having with other pages, and if those pages are fake, algorithms start perceiving the monitored page as fake too. And it leads you into the shadow ban, where none of your actual publications are shown to potentially interested people from that moment on. And it is quite hard to get out of this situation, so you should be very attentive while purchasing subscribers. Real ones will help you a lot, but the fake ones can do sufficient damage. This is why good social media marketing services apply organic marketing strategies.

Make your research, and if you don’t have time for that just use the links from this text – these will save you a lot of time and energy (and money). 

Targeted ads: when is the best time, what are the main points? 

After you have created the base with the paid followers and via influence PR, you can proceed to the targeted ad. We recommend using it at the “very end” of your promotional campaign, although it would be better to say after you have passed a certain mark in the number of subs. When you’re ready to play big, set your first targeted ad. 

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But don’t try to reach millions of people from the very beginning: it won’t work. Check the settings and your theories first – who are your target audience? What do they do, where do they live? What is their average age? Put all of that into the settings of your ad and launch it, and track how it goes, analying the results. If everything works decently, you should save those settings (and yes, we recommend setting them through Insta, not through the FB cabinet – it is harder and you’re getting a higher chance of making a mistake) and then gradually increase the audience reach (so as the budget of your ad). 

And yes, the targeted ad (in a perfect world) should be running somewhere in the background of your account always. It’s expensive, and you can lower the price of it from time to time – making the audience reach lesser as well – but you shouldn’t stop it if you want to always be kept somewhere in the field of view of your potential readers. 


Today we can affect our Instagram promotion however we want by various tools: there are free ones, for people who aren’t ready to commit, and paid ones, for those who are here to get a great payoff from the efficient services. Whoever you are, you will be able to find something that suits your purposes, but we’d recommend you to never ignore the opportunity to use the paid tools for IG promotion – these will get you far as quickly as possible and will totally free you from the worries about your page’s constant growth. 

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