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Nov 28, 2014 1 Min Read

LDR-PDF-download-110x110AirAsia encourages openness

AIRASIA is a unique company in terms of its culture and innovative human capital management.

An open office environment and the application of high tech elements are only the tip of the iceberg of exceptional qualities that sets AirAsia apart from the rest.

Crowned the world’s best low cost airline for six consecutive years, the airline acknowledges that excellent human capital development is one of the important factors that guarantees the success of the company.

AirAsia practices meritocracy, in which the airline’s employees, otherwise known as AirAsia Allstars, are rewarded for their effort and hard work. The company also does not limit the career opportunities of its people, but instead encourages growth, which is an integral part of its culture.

The airline supports its people in pursuing their passion and achieving the best that they can. By encouraging career growth and inspiring them to be the best, it develops a surge of new skills in-house which the airline can tap into and utilise.

We are family

AirAsia always aims to be the best company to work for, and by which its Allstars are treated like family. The airline strives to eradicate bureaucracy, a barrier that may restrict the flow of ideas and opinions which are essential to a fast growing airline like AirAsia.

Aireen Omar, AirAsia Berhad CEO, commented, “I derive inspiration from our Allstars who are highly dedicated and who work very hard for the company. Their passion for success has made AirAsia the best low cost carrier in the world.

“To be an AirAsia Allstar, one needs to be ever-ready to go the extra mile to satisfy even the most eccentric customer’s needs, and at the same time be fun-loving and enthusiastic with a passion for life!”

An open concept

The airline practises an open door policy with an open structure – no cubicles or office rooms – and an inclusive work environment in which every view matters and every voice is heard.

The culture that AirAsia has stems from the fact that the airline desires openness and wants its people to be creative and passionate about what they do.

Hiring and promoting is based solely on talent and competence, with no regard for gender, creed, ethnicity or age. The company opens up equal opportunities to all its employees and the validation of this would be the fact that AirAsia is the first company in Malaysia to have women as pilots, with many among the early pioneers moving on to becoming captains – commanders of their own aircraft.

AirAsia also provides the space and opportunity for its Allstars to take an active part in innovation, and allows its employees to take risks. This is true to AirAsia’s culture and spirit, where taking risks may result in better things for the company.

In fact, the management often takes the initiative to implement ideas from its employees, thanks to the open environment concept where everyone does not feel afraid to express their ideas, regardless of rank.

Diverse culture

At AirAsia, people from various backgrounds and diverse cultures work together harmoniously. The high level of understanding and respect for each other allows AirAsia Allstars to communicate and work without boundaries. This is something unique and rare in many countries and companies.

The airline instills an entrepreneurial culture among its Allstars, which presents a degree of freedom for them to be their best and holds them accountable for what they do. Being entrepreneurial, they will strive for success as failing is not an option.

The airline always seeks for creative and passionate people. They must also be good team players for the business to prosper in this challenging era of globalisation.

Unrestricted creativity

Free flow of ideas and unrestricted creativity is something that the airline always believes in, as proper development of talents within the company is fairly beneficial for AirAsia in the long run – especially for younger employees. They are to be potential successors in running the company, ensuring positive continuity and sustainability.

In its quest to achieve constant business excellence, AirAsia is privileged to be continually blessed with the necessary means to fulfil its responsibility towards underprivileged communities, lending a hand to those in need.

Giving back

Staying true to the pledge of going the extra mile to satisfy needs, AirAsia Allstars are also encouraged to be involved in CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities and interact with communities around the business, as AirAsia believes in giving back to the community that has been supporting it all these years.

Inspired by the caring attitude of its Allstars, the airline established the AirAsia Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the AirAsia Group entrusted to share the company’s values of entrepreneurship, equal opportunity and innovation throughout ASEAN.

The foundation is mandated to support social enterprises as a way of empowering underprivileged individuals and to enable them to build sustainable livelihoods. Through its work, the foundation is committed to helping build an ASEAN community of the future, and providing AirAsia Allstars the opportunity to share their energy and expertise in making the world a better place to live in.

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