Maybank: The M100 History Maker

Nov 28, 2014 1 Min Read


A winning streak and counting

In the history of the Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers Award, Maybank is the first financial institution ever to win the coveted No 1 spot.

This puts Maybank as the most popular employer of the nation. Not only that, Maybank has also extended its winning streak in the Banking & Finance category for the fourth year running.

In addition, Maybank won honours in the GradMalaysia Graduate Recruitment Awards in the categories of Best Innovation on Campus for Maybank GO Ahead Challenge and Best Internship Experience for Maybank Internship Programme.

Maybank’s achievements in this year’s awards are mainly driven by the enhanced focus towards graduates – the Gen-Y and the Millennials who make up the new blood for the bank’s various pipeline programmes.


Personalised: Cut out for its people

Each year, Maybank commits considerable investment and resources in its learning and development programmes for its people. These programmes cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of staff to ensure they are equipped with the right knowledge, confidence, skills and capability to excel. For students and graduates, the bank has varied entry level pipeline programmes for new recruits and graduates.


Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP)

Maybank’s reputable graduate programme, GMAP, is aimed at developing an all-rounder banker through a structured two-year programme. It’s a home grown programme and runs simultaneously in countries where Maybank operate. Apprentices will learn the ropes of banking under the guidance of experienced bankers as they undergo a challenging yet balanced introduction to the world of banking.


Other exciting features of GMAP:

  • International assignments to immerse the Global Maybank Apprentice in its global network operations.
  • Structured personal development by providing a blend of interventions comprising formal, relationship-based and experiential learning.
  • Opportunity to lead special projects to build special competencies.


Recognition for GMAP:

  • Finalist in the Best Management Trainee Programme Category in the Graduate Recruitment Awards
  • Champion – Graduate Development Award Category in HR Excellence Award 2014



Get the best of both worlds with Maybank!

Apprentices with aspirations to be chartered accountants can sign up for GMAP PLUS. The “PLUS” offers full certification cost sponsorship in collaboration with ICAEW. You can get a chartered accountant title and work in a bank at the same time.



Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP) is now available in most of the countries that Maybank is operating, with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China and as far as the United States (US). Apprentices come not only from diverse cultures but also different backgrounds, i.e. multi-disciplinary qualifications from conventional banking to even architecture or psychology. This diversity makes GMAP live up to its name as a truly global programme.


Check out Maybank’s other signature home-grown pipeline programmes:

  • Branch Management Entry Level Pipeline
    Designed to groom aspiring branch/centre managers by providing them with targeted learning and skill sets through an intensive training experience in branch management.
  • Maybank Scholarship Programme
    This offers financial support and learning and development interventions to complement students’ academic studies.
  • Maybank Internship Programme
    Maybank’s internship programme provides an initial overview of the industry, coupled with structured learning objectives, as interns grow into working professionals.

The programme follows standards set by TalentCorp under their Structured Internship Programme scheme.

Recognition: Winner – Best Internship Experience Category in the Graduate Recruitment Awards



MGAC 2014 Winner

Maybank recognises that the Gen-Y and Millennials have distinct career aspirations. A new, revolutionary approach is needed to attract them to join; show them that Maybank is more than just the country’s largest regional financial institution and a regional financial services group – but, also a cool and hip place to work in as well as grow professionally and personally.

That’s one reason the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge (MGAC) was rolled out in 2012 – to bring a fresh approach in the graduate recruitment scene, especially for its engagement scene in campuses, domestically and abroad. It’s also to reinforce Maybank’s long term commitment to developing the nations Maybank operates tapping the right home grown talents in the region to contribute to the growth of their respective nations.

Designed along the famed reality show The Apprentice, MGAC is a unique talent recruitment scheme where candidates are put to the test, beyond financials or presentations. The challenge is open to students of various disciplines to experience actual situations they will find themselves in today’s challenging work climate in successful high performance organisations such as Maybank.

Being an international case competition that challenges the intellect, stretches the creativity and tests the endurance, it has grown from strength to strength attracting 10,000 applicants this year compared to 5,000 applicants from 2013 and 1,000 in 2012.

It is also fully developed in-house by the Global Maybank Apprentices, some who were previous MGAC finalists themselves, for future Global Maybank Apprentices.

This year alone, MGAC has completed multiple campus level challenges nationwide and in regional campuses in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. This was followed by the national level challenge in 14 countries where Maybank is present, including the US and United Kingdom.

To show that the challenge is definitely international, in the grand finals, participants had the opportunity to travel to Jakarta and present their business plan to the management team in Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII), Maybank’s Indonesian counterpart.

In addition to the mental and physical tasks participants face throughout the one week duration of the grand finals, one day of the challenge allows the finalists to participate in a Maybank corporate responsibility (CR) initiative to experience the bank’s mission of humanising financial services.

The finalists of 2014 spent the day helping to build homes for the indigenous community in Malaysia as well as feeding the homeless.

We are proud to say that many of the alumni and finalists of MGAC have joined us through the GMAP in various countries, making the programme truly diverse, and global, with a strongly connected bunch of talented and energetic young blood in the pipeline for the bank.

To the potential challengers, stay tuned for MGAC 2015!



Maybank stays connected with engagements via university roadshows, and career fairs. Maybank also partnered with the leading student organisations – International Council of Malaysian Scholars (ICMS) and AIESEC to support their programmes such as the Industry Partnership Forum, Malaysia Public Policy Competition and Global Ambassador Programme. These partnerships help to attract talents to return to their domicile countries to build their talent pool for nation building.

Maybank is also connected virtually with Gen-Ys and Millennials! One can bond with Maybank via the Facebook Group – GO Ahead. Academy, a lively and informative group of like-minded peers who can connect at the same time.

Look out for special contests, movie nights, personality tests and inspirational quotes to keep occupied while getting to know Maybank as an employer. In to Instagram? Check out Maybank’s Instagram page @roaringcareers. To connect on a professional platform, look no further and link with them on the LinkedIn page!



Maybank placed CR projects as one of its priorities which allow graduates to contribute back to the community while achieving their professional aspirations. Volunteerism is deeply entrenched in Maybank’s global workforce. Each year, Maybankers enthusiastically volunteer their time and effort in sharing passion, expertise and resources to improve the lives around them.

This shows that Maybankers consider the group’s CR volunteerism initiatives as an important factor that gives them a sense of pride to be associated with the organisation. Being at the heart of the community reinforces the mission of humanising financial services.


Truly global

To be truly global, Maybankers go abroad!

We are serious about developing young talents like you! As we make our mark across the world, we bring our talents along too. Here, we call it international assignments! Below are excerpts of what they have to
say about their assignments:

  • Pow Leng (Malaysian), is also in Shanghai working alongside head, corporate banking there to build our corporate clientele.
  • The international assignment in KL has widened my network with the other young bankers from other countries in the bank. It’s been great being here in KL!” says Elisa (Indonesian) who is currently on international assignment in KL.
  • Kim Choon (Malaysian), with a bachelor’s degree of aeronautical engineering is currently in Shanghai closing deals for transaction banking
  • Zack (Filipino) who was recruited from MGAC 2012 currently residing in New York and undergoing an international assignment here in Kuala Lumpur. Definitely bringing international mobility to the next level.



Experience can make a world of difference when it comes to real life corporate tasks. Maybank’s internship programme is one platform that has excelled in producing industry ready graduates. It is designed to provide a valuable learning opportunity by working with a leading regional bank. With a minimum of eight weeks attached to a department, Maybank interns are able to have hands-on experience by assisting the teams with on-going projects.

Do you know that many of those who interned with us are now working full time in Maybank? That’s our commitment to develop you!

“During my internship with Maybank, I was given substantive work that made me learn and allowed me to contribute to the project team. There was a definite collaborative culture between employees and I learnt a lot from working with experienced and passionate employees. I am proud to say that I received the GMAP offer right after my internship ended and will be joining the bank after my graduation.” – Lim Gian Yang, Monash University


Quotes by our young tigers

“GMAP is where I am never restricted to go beyond my limits to understand and contribute to various functions of the bank. I have great opportunities to work with many different supportive people from diverse backgrounds, while my coach and mentor mentally support me. They also give me career advice to ensure I am on the right track to my future career.” – Ngoun Soksan (Cambodian)

“In the GMAP, you can choose your targeted placement and tailor your rotations according to your career path. Through rotations in different departments, you get to develop an array of skills which makes you versatile and equips you to better understand the bank’s business as a whole. You also get opportunities to meet with top management in various sessions, where they share their experiences with you. These are opportunities you would not get elsewhere. All in all, this program is truly one of a kind.” – Prisana Khamijoun (Thai)

“The GMAP has provided me with a unique competitive edge by not only solidifying my technical competence but also fostering my personal development through a range of co-curricular activities and various rotations. I continuously feel more willing and capable of taking leadership initiatives.” – Tung Ly (Vietnamese)

“GMAP is the real talent programme that provides an opportunity for all talents, regardless of their academic background. Each are given a chance to be trained in their rotations to different functions within the bank, and are advised by a coach, to be moulded to become a contributing talent to the bank.” – Shu Tze Yuh (Malaysian)

“There are many highlights of GMAP for me, but the people are definitely one of its big appeals. Working with other high calibre individuals is a great scope for personal development and I have hopefully built relationships that would not only be beneficial to my professional life but also beyond that.” – Radian Irdiansyah (Indonesian)

“The experience gained from the job rotations in GMAP definitely broadened my perspective of the banking industry. The knowledge I gained in operational frameworks of different insurance and banking products, governance, risk management, and the various banking divisions certainly eased my ability to establish myself firmly in my current role.” – Fikri Hairuddin, global Maybank apprentice (MGAC 2013 finalist)

“GMAP is the perfect graduate program that caters to the needs of today’s Gen-Y. Challenging yet exciting; competitive yet humanising; the program provides the ideal platform to kick-start a career in the financial services industry.” – Ka Jeng (Malaysian)


GO Ahead and explore your opportunities with the nation’s new No 1 employer at

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