10 Hyper-Useful Promo Products to Boost Your Brand in 2023

Jul 28, 2023 5 Min Read

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Promotional products are a fantastic way to boost your brand, especially in 2023. If you want to make your company more attractive and worthy to your customers, giving out free branded gifts will help you achieve your goals. To help you out, here are ten hyper-useful promo products to boost your brand in 2023: 

1. Pens

If you want a promo product that’s guaranteed to give your customers value and usefulness, you need to invest in a bulk order of high-quality branded pens. In today’s world, many people forget to have a pen on them, or at their house, as we are all so addicted to digital media. However, pens are perfect for getting ideas down fast, and in an accessible manner. People will think of your brand every time they use their brand-new, free, branded pen. 

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2. Tape Measures

There’s something to be said about a company that hands out a promo product as unique and useful as a branded tape measure. Especially if you’re running a home improvement store or a similar DIY-centric business, your customers will be blown away by getting a free tape measure. After all, the ones you buy at the store tend to be way overpriced. When your customer uses their branded tape measure, their love of your brand will increase significantly. 

3. Tote Bags

Who doesn’t love a free tote bag? We know that we do. There’s a wonderful usefulness to tote bags when you’re going to the grocery, running errands, or simply taking some board games to your friend's house. Tote bags are incredibly cheap to buy in bulk, and you will not have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. The fact that they are easy to brand makes them that much better for quality promotional marketing campaigns. 

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white reusable bag on gray surface

4. Face Masks

Even in the post-pandemic era, many people prefer to wear face masks in public during flu season, or when they’re feeling sick. Help protect your community with branded, free face masks, and your reputation as a company that’s worth supporting will immediately increase. Boosting your brand is key to succeeding in today’s harsh economic landscape, so you need every promotional tool you can get your hands on. 

5. Hand Sanitiser

Speaking of public health, hand sanitiser is key to ensuring we don’t spread germs in our community. People tend to carry hand sanitiser in their cars for moments when they need to ensure they’re germ-free. Help stock your community with hand sanitiser (that happens to have your brand and company info on it), and you’ll become an organic part of the community fabric in no time. a bottle of hand sanitizing gel on a white background

6. Hand Fans

Comfort is key to leading a happy, successful life. If you’re running a business in a hot summer environment, giving out branded hand fans to your customers will be a surefire hit. There’s an exciting nature to getting a unique promo gift, and hand fans fill this need. Hand fans are fantastic, easy to use, and just a ton of fun. If you want to make your company seem bright and friendly, branded hand fans are a great option. 

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7. Stress Balls

Life can be a lot. Especially if you have a demanding 9-to-5 job, there’s a need to find ways to destress throughout the day. That’s where stress balls come in. They have remained popular in office spaces for decades, and there’s good reason for that success streak. Stress balls can be branded with ease, and are another hyper-cheap option to buy in bulk. If you’re looking to reach out to office workers with your products and services, using branded stress balls to promote your business is sure to help out. 

8. Koozies

Speaking of destressing, koozies are great for enjoying a cold brew after a hard day’s work (without making your hands clammy and sweaty). Koozies are another easy-to-brand promo item that can be bought in bulk for cheap, so budget-conscious companies who do not have a lot to spend on marketing will love this strategy. The fact that your own employees can use leftover koozies for their own post-work activities makes the product that much sweeter. 

9. Water Bottles

Water bottles remain a classic, and highly useful, promotional product (even in 2023). The fact that more and more people are becoming focused on proper hydration makes this product a hot item right now. They are perfect for companies that are looking to promote themselves as a health-conscious brand. 

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white plastic bottle lot

10. Sunglasses

Lastly, you can not go wrong with sunglasses for your promotional marketing campaign. Sunglasses are cheap to buy and easy to brand, and the fact that there are so many timeless styles to choose from makes it so that every customer will love their free sunglasses. 

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