6 Essential Tools For Scaling Your Business

Nov 17, 2021 8 Min Read
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Scale your business to generate more revenue!

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Every entrepreneur hopes to see their business become one of the market leaders in their industry. However, this doesn’t happen overnight and is a slow and gradual process you need to handle without shortcuts. Realising this requires you to take advantage of specific tools that can effectively help you accomplish your scaling goals. But unlike business growth, scaling is a kind of growth that efficiently helps increase revenue without spending more money, time, or working harder. 

Achieving this is possible by using certain tools to help you scale your business to increase its longevity and boost its competitive edge. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

When scaling, your focus should be on increasing business revenue. Although, you shouldn’t overlook the experience of your existing clients. After all, scaling your business wouldn’t be possible if you continue providing a terrible customer experience. This is often a mistake that most companies make when growing at an exceedingly fast rate. You must not make such an error to ensure it doesn’t grow a disconnect between you and your customers. Instead, take your time to:

  • Build a special relationship with them.
  • Reply to your customer’s queries.
  • Listen to their feedback.

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Your customer representatives should be more considerate as your business expands its operations. But to offer them the much-needed help, you also need to invest in a customer relationship platform. You shouldn’t have a tough time finding the best CRM for small business with numerous options available. With a CRM platform, you can do various things with ease, and this includes:

  • Effectively manage both outbound and inbound communications.
  • Enhance customer service communications.
  • Use analytics to ensure your performance remains in check.
  • Enhance lead generation.

To optimise your business expansion, investing in a reliable CRM platform is crucial. A robust CRM system can streamline various tasks, including CRM lead generation, enabling effective management of both outbound and inbound communications while enhancing customer service and performance monitoring.

These are benefits you don’t want to miss out on when scaling your business and this further shows the significance of the CRM tool. Some of the best choices include Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zoho.

2. Communication Tools

Streamline communication is essential for both small and large businesses, otherwise, the company’s efficiency will be negatively affected. This is more important today because many companies are adopting the remote working system. Although, ensuring effective communication proves to be a challenge when quickly scaling your business. This happens due to different reasons such as:

  • A shift in communication practices.
  • New employees have a hard time knowing how to raise any queries they have and who to report to.
  • Your existing employees are struggling to adjust to the new communication methods.

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The most effective way to address these shortcomings would be by using any of the popular business communication tools. Examples of these tools include Skype, Google Hangouts, and Slack which help allow prompt communication between persons within the company, saving you precious time. In addition, these tools help improve relationships among employees within the company by promoting teamwork among members. 

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3. Marketing Tools

In today’s digital era, you need to boost your company’s online presence to maintain your company’s competitive edge and to scale your business. However, accomplishing this is a significant challenge. This is because marketing is not only time-consuming but also somewhat complicated. Therefore, it’s wise to adopt marketing tools once you’ve developed a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

The use of an effective marketing tool allows you to drive more conversions, quickly generate business leads, and expand your online sales. In addition, these tools stimulate website interaction, promote content marketing, boost your social media presence, and enhance email marketing. With LinkedIn automation tools, you can find the email addresses of the customers you're interested in, which can help you grow your email contact list.

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There are numerous marketing tools to choose from, including Optimizely, Improvely, ReferralCandy, and Ubersuggest. For you to know which one is the perfect fit, you should consider factors such as reliability, functionality, and price.

4. Project Management Tools

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when scaling your business is ensuring all your staff remains as productive as before. This expansion also increases the chances of information across the various departments from getting separated. For most start-ups, this happens because they previously used basic record-keeping solutions. These solutions include synced cloud documents, spreadsheets, and accounting software. But after scaling business operations, it becomes a lot harder to manage these records in an orderly and organised manner. 

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When your business is dealing with such a problem, using a project management tool will be of great benefit. This will help your business automate and coordinate different business processes and maintain the ever-increasing heap of spreadsheets. In addition, a project management tool helps your employees better deal with the increased volume of work. Also, regarding the increased volume of work, you should encourage your workers to take days off and recharge. You can use adequate leave request software to handle days off. This could be done by improving bandwidth and enhancing clarity.

5. Analytics Tools

Having the correct data with you is crucial when planning to expand your business. After all, it’s this data that provides you with insights on how to best scale your company’s operations. However, the data collection and analysis process, in addition to being time-consuming, is fairly complicated and can only be done by a certified data analyst. 

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Fortunately, ETL tools and analytical software tools such as KissMetrics and Google Analytics make this process a lot easier for you. Therefore, you can easily decode useful data such as your best and most loyal customers, pinpoint your customers' exact origin, and convert more clients passing through your site. Having these data, among others, will help you formulate a proper strategy on the best strategies to employ when scaling your business.

6. Web Development Tools

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or e-commerce site, using web development tools such as Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress is the step to follow. Such tools are also ideal for redesigning your site’s look to boost user experience, thereby increasing traffic and conversion. Making such advancements as you scale your business is a must. Also, the advantage is you don’t have to know any programming language. 

Web development tools also come in handy when redesigning your site. Consequently, this will help boost traffic and increase conversions.  This is all because of the enhanced user experience that appeals even to prospective customers.


Being a business owner, especially in today’s extremely competitive marketplace, can be stressful and daunting. This is even a greater challenge when planning to scale your business to generate more revenue. Fortunately, this challenge has been made less unsettling thanks to tools that make scaling a more manageable task. Detailed above are the tools you should take advantage of to help you scale your business and possibly generate greater revenue. 

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