The Cancer of Passivity

Aug 01, 2012 5 Min Video
Are You Passive? Is Your Team Passive?

Many organisations are passive and are suffering from the disease of passivity. Is your organisation suffering from this disease?

Many organizations talk about creating a positive culture in the workplace. Yet, leaders face the daily challenge of deviation from the organization's cultural standard. It takes more than just communication and town-hall meetings to address cultural deviations - it requires the step of personal confrontation. By choosing to remain passive, the cancer of "anti-culture" will spread and before you know it - what began as a point behavior becomes a negative culture.

Watch this video by Joseph Tan, CEO of Leaderonomics GoodMonday to find out how you can address this issue of passivity.

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Tags: Culture, Team Leadership

Joseph is a Leaderonomics faculty trainer who is passionate about engaging with leaders to transform culture in organisations. Previously, he was CEO of Leaderonomics Good Monday. He is currently based in the United States

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