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Dec 29, 2016 5 Min Read
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Tap into a borderless world of Leadership Development Resources for your Growth

There are now more websites than we can count and more information out there than we are able to read, and it’s all available to us at the push of a button. With so much access to us in cyberspace, it’s now more important than ever to make sure the information we do engage with is of high quality and serves us in a purposeful and meaningful manner.

What we allow to enter into our bodies and our minds, shapes who we are. In 2015, I began my amazing journey with Leaderonomics. I came over from the United Kingdom and began my journey as the editor of Leaderonomics.com. Little did I know how important a role I was to play, not only in the transformation of lives but also in the nation-building process in Malaysia and many countries across the world. Leaderonomics has forever changed me and my life.

Treasure trove for learning and development

Leaderonomics.com is not just any website. It is a place where the “science of building leaders” is shared freely and openly for all to access. It is the place where everyone can learn to be a leader at no costs. Leaderonomics.com continues to evolve and improve to ensure we deliver an array of information that best serves the needs of those who engage with our content.

At this juncture, we hear you ask: There are so many websites geared towards personal, professional and leadership development – so what’s so great about Leaderonomics.com?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

While other popular development websites focus on one or two primary mediums, at Leaderonomics we know that people like to learn in different ways. Building on this realisation, we present our development material across a number of platforms including articles, podcasts, and leadership videos which invite you to watch insightful interviews with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring leaders.

Thought leaders in one platform

Among our faculty of writers, we are proud to count eminent thought leaders such as Daniel Goleman, Travis Bradberry, Paul C. Brunson, John Maxwell, Marshall Goldsmith and Sherrie Campbell among our contributors. These experts are just some of our large pool of contributors offering the most up-to-date practices in leadership, professional and personal development.

As well as having renowned figures within our faculty, we also have a diverse range of contributors who are currently navigating the path towards success. This provides Leaderonomics.com with a unique advantage, as we not only deliver insights from the experts to our audience, but we also recognise the need for content that shows people on the journey towards greatness, highlighting the obstacles and challenges along the way and how they are overcome.

This makes our content even more relevant, as it is able to connect and resonate with people who are at the same stage and perhaps facing similar challenges our contributors have encountered and overcome.

Stepping stone toward success

In short, Leaderonomics.com not only allows our audience to see what success looks like by learning from those already there; it also offers a gradual development plan from those who are in the process of working towards achieving their dreams and ambitions.
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Just as important as the content itself, is the way it is presented. Often, websites will offer information in one bundle, leaving the visitor to sift through a deluge of content in order to find what is relevant to them. Leaderonomics.com is different. Our inspiring content is divided into four main sections:

Business; Functional; Leadership; and Personal masteries.

From our home page, visitors can head straight to the section that is most relevant. There is also a section provided for our Leaderonomics videos, as well as free downloads made available of our weekly pullout which appears every Saturday in The Star newspaper (local English daily). You can also get full access to our pullouts each week in our E-Mag section in Resources.

A commitment to our readers

The interests of our audience lie at the heart of how we develop and maintain Leaderonomics.com. We constantly ask ourselves: What are our visitors looking for? How can we improve their user experience? What more can we offer to enhance their development and learning? How easy is our website to navigate?

Through Leaderonomics.com, our aim is to provide everything you need through your journey of personal, professional and leadership development. Where many websites are driven by the question, “How can we create more traffic?”, at Leaderonomics, our desire to make sure we provide the best content delivered by the best people is driven by the question, “Are we best serving the needs of our audience?”
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Our constant reflections illustrate why Leaderonomics.com is the best website to help you along in your journey of growth. It evolves with our audience in mind and grows with our core aims at the heart of what we do, which is:

Grow people into leaders, build communities of love, and transform nations through leadership.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have so many people partnering with us on the path towards creating a bright and successful future. Everyone here at Leaderonomics will continue to strive daily to bring, through our Leaderonomics.com website, all you need to realise your full potential and create positive change for yourself and in the lives of others.

The best experience you will get is when you set up your own ID and login. It is completely free but if you register and login, you will be treated to a personalised experience. So, keep learning and keep growing with leaderonomics.com

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Sandy is a former Leaderonomics editor and is now a freelance writer based in Malaysia, and previously enjoyed 10 years as a journalist and broadcaster in the UK. As editor of www.leaderonomics.com, he has been fortunate to gain valuable insights into what makes us tick, which has deepened his interests in leadership, emotions, mindfulness, and human behaviour.

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