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Companies Thriving During the Pandemic

BY Leaderonomics & Aisling Group. In this white paper, you will gain insights on trends on most in-demand talent and skills during the COVID-19 pandemic including hiring trends, upskilling and reskilling priorities post-pandemic.


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This paper will provide trends on how to calculate employee engagement at the workplace and increase your employees' engagement level. To facilitate leadership to better engagement levels, we shed light on several methods and the latest tactics.


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Measurement Methods for Employee Engagement

In this paper, find insights on how to estimate employee engagement at the workplace to aid your understanding of how to improve it. We shed light on diverse processes and modern strategies in the hopes of enabling leadership to better estimate engagement levels.


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State of Engagement - Engagement In Corporate Organisations

Feature 1 of our employee engagement white paper series concentrates on the condition of engagement in corporate organisations.


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New Norms of Working: Driving Engagement in a Virtual World

For many, working from home has become the norm due to government-imposed movement control orders. During this time, virtual meetings have grown in popularity and will likely continue to be the number one method of communicating post-COVID-19. This pandemic has created a massive disruption and established new working norms. What does this mean for employees and organisations? To seek clarity, Leaderonomics conducted research on the impact of working from home.


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Working From Home as the New Normal: How Ready Are You?

In our first paper, we spoke about how remote working, or working from home is not a new trend per se, but instead had been accelerated and imposed by the circumstances the world had to face due to the COVID pandemic. This next paper explores this new normal, and how ready are companies and individuals to embrace it?


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Leadership Nuggets

This eBook is a compilation of 25 of our best articles from leaderonomics.com. You will find a mixture of inspirational and heart-warming reads that have been carefully curated just for you.


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What's After SPM?

Written by 101 Malaysians for Malaysians.


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Leaderonomics Community Impact Report 2022

Digital networks are transforming the way we learn, collaborate and connect. Our youth need to learn not only how to leverage and use these technologies but also how to lead, influence and drive change in communities in these differentiated ways.


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Leaderonomics Impact Report 2020

Connecting the dots from 2008 to 2020


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Effective Communication

Issue: Friday, 27 September 2019. COMMUNICATION – it’s something all of us have been doing for years, and continue to engage in on a daily basis. With all that experience, one would think we’d be experts in this by now...right?


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Focusing on What Matters

Issue: Friday, 30 August 2019. This month, we delve into the topic of self-awareness in leadership and developing a vision for your organisation. It’s no easy feat to get to know one’s self, and self-awareness remains a challenge to most leaders, even if it’s an overstated concept of leadership.


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Purposeful Decision-Making

Issue: Friday, 26 July 2019 One's worst fears and insecurities can often surface when faced with the need to make a critical decision. What was the toughest decision that you’ve ever had to make?


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Forged in Fire

Issue: Thursday, 27 June 2019. We all experience it at some point in our lives – life-changing events that throw our world into chaos, making us feel like we will never be the same again. That may be true, but it can be in a good way.


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The Building Blocks of Leadership

Issue: Thursday, 30 May 2019. This month, we celebrate the ‘builders of leaders’ among us – those who provide the building blocks for great leadership by giving selflessly to others and imparting their wisdom to the younger generation, in hopes of building a better future for the nation. This aspect is a significant part of our Science of Building Leaders framework, for what use is knowledge if it is not shared?