How To Hire Better

Sep 08, 2018 4 Min Video
Roshan Thiran and Lee Lung Nien on hiring
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What do you Need to Look Out for When You are Interviewing Someone to Ensure Your Hire Better?

By Roshan Thiran
I had a quick off-the-cuff catch-up with Citi Malaysia CEO Lee Lung Nien a few weeks ago when he was walking around the Leaderonomics office. As we started to discuss various business issues, our dialoge started to wander into the realm of HR and hiring great people.

At this point, I quickly grabbed a camera and captured our conversation. He shared his quick insights on what are some very crucial things anyone interviewing a candidate should be looking out for. Most important to him is energy. Watch this exclusive footage of Lee Lung Nien sharing his insights on hiring and some of his best practices to hiring great talent for your organsation. Watch and learn!

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