The Leaderonomcs Show: Better Leaders Make Everything Better

Sep 13, 2018 21 Min Video
GLN's Gary and Roshan Thiran
Source:Leaderonomics Archives
Gary Schwammlein from the GLN (Willow Creek Association) shares Insights on Culture & Leadership in this Leaderonomics Show Special Episode

In this episode of the Leaderonomics Show, former Willow Creek Association (now renamed Global Leadership Network) CEO and leader Gary Schwammlein shares some of his findings on leadership and culture. Having worked in Siemens as a senior leader for many years, Gary believes that everything rises and falls on Leadership. Listen to him as he shares some amazing insights on leadership and culture to help you grow yourself and your organisation.

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Roshan is the Founder and “Kuli” of the Leaderonomics Group of companies. He believes that everyone can be a leader and "make a dent in the universe," in their own special ways. He is featured on TV, radio and numerous publications sharing the Science of Building Leaders and on leadership development. Follow him at

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