The Leaderonomics Show: Rejie Samuel, CEO of Air Internation

Sep 22, 2018 28 Min Video
rejie samuel
Rejie Samuel Shares How to Transform & Scale A Business Globally

As a chartered accountant, Rejie Samuel went on to wear many hats in business and finance in different markets before becoming the CEO of Air International Thermal Systems, currently based in China. With the usual host Roshan Thiran away, Sarah Lim and Rejie chat about how the role of a finance person can have room for further growth when he / she is placed in different teams, especially in operations, and how to make the best of your career journey so far.

More interestingly, Rejie shares the secrets to scaling a business globally and also his thoughts on what makes a true leader and the one mistake leaders often make without realising it. Click play above to watch the full interview!

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Tags: Transformation & Change

Sarah loves the art of good storytelling in all kinds of ways and wants to make a difference wherever she goes. When she’s not at her desk, you’ll find her behind the lens, exploring a new country, or just in her front yard - trying to keep her plants alive.

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