“Know Your Business Well”, Says Dato’ SY Cheah

Jun 04, 2018 23 Min Video

After 10 years in the building material business, Dato’ Cheah fell in love with the taste of Baskin-Robbins during his honeymoon in the United States. He then founded Golden Scoop Sdn. Bhd., the company awarded as the sole licensee for Baskin-Robbins in Malaysia.

Dato’ Cheah had the foresight that rapid economic growth would lead young Malaysians to seek for quality lifestyle products. With a strong belief that “Malaysians would be willing to pay a higher price for good and quality food”, Dato’ Cheah opened his first Baskin-Robbins outlet in Subang Parade in 1988, despite scepticism from various parties that RM2.50 a scoop would sell at that time.

Key takeaways:

  • Study and understand your own business
  • Know your market
  • Understand how to differentiate your product and stand out

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