Building A Million Dollar Micro Business

Aug 03, 2021 43 Min Video
Tine Tower celebrating the release of her new book 'Million Dollar Micro Business'
Source:Tina Tower
Million Dollar Micro Business

Tina Tower, Serial Entrepreneur and High Performance Business Coach, shares her leadership journey that culminates with the release of her new book, 'Million Dollar Micro Business'. In it, Tina shows us how we can turn our expertise into profit with revealing case studies. Regardless of your educational or business background, if you have an idea and believe you can package it to help other people, then Tina's book walks you through every step.

Turn your expertise into profit

"Step out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone."

In the personal interview with Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, Tina shares the story behind 'Million Dollar Micro Business' and what she learned about herself in the process of writing it. She goes on to discuss the importance of having a passion for the business you're leading as there is a lot of repetitive work involved and if you're passionate about your business, the harder it is to sustain it.

Besides that, Tina opens up about the crucible moment in her life that led her towards the path of success and debunks a few common miconceptions of entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur. She also reveals if one can have it all when it comes to balancing professional growth and personal relationships. Ultimately, Tine leaves us with advice for budding women entrepreneurs who seek to build a million dollar micro business.

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