Gamifying Learning and Development Programmes

May 07, 2023 21 Min Podcast

Employers realise that in today's world it is very difficult to retain people even though you have learning and development programmes. So you really need to add value to the employee journey and I think growing yourself and having a path in terms of your learning development is a crucial step.


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Exploring the Benefits and Implementation of Gamification in L&D

According to a study done by NTUC Learning Hub, although most employees are open to company-offered and external learning and development training, more than half said that they have not been attending or enrolling training because they don’t have time and have a heavy workload. Employee sentiment towards learning and development is also in a downward trajectory. How should employers make employees interested in learning and development again? One of the ways is to make employees’ learning experience fun, engaging and rewarding. This is by using game-like elements in the training, also known as Gamification.

Gamification in learning and development has become increasingly popular as it offers a more engaging and interactive approach compared to traditional training. Games provide real-time results from actions taken, which allows for immediate feedback and application of learning. Incentivising and rewarding learners with micro rewards, tokens, or mini-games can also help drive engagement and improve retention. A few examples of companies that have successfully incorporated gamification are Lazada, Duolingo, and Nike+. 

To embed gamification in an organisation, it is recommended to start small and experiment with game-based learning and simulations. Learning and development leaders should also listen to employee feedback and observe the impact of traditional training to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. The future of gamification and learning is promising, especially with the emergence of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality.


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Arun Nagarajah, CEO and founder of eVULX, is shaking up the world of corporate learning and development. Formerly a key player in global expansion for Leaderonomics and a leader at General Electric Aviation, Arun is a passionate advocate for immersive and unconventional learning and development. He is the mastermind behind eVULX and is revolutionising the approach to employee training, immersing learners in a new world of digital simulations and reshaping the corporate learning and development landscape.



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