How To Shift Your Skills And Future-Proof Yourself

Mar 27, 2023 24 Min Podcast

I believe that people need to figure out for themselves how skills and mindset in their current roles or future roles will look like. Cultivate the habit of self learning and self exploration...


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Technological Advancements And Societal Changes Are Driving The Need For A Shift In Mindset As Well As In Skillsets

If you're a leader, you're probably thinking about what skills the future workforce will need and how to prepare your people for it. One term you may have come across is "shifting skills." But what does it mean, and how does it fit into the bigger picture of future skills?

"Future skills" is a broad term that encompasses the forecasted skill sets that the workforce of the future will need to thrive in the face of constant disruption. "Shifting skills" is a subset of future skills that focuses on how the basic building blocks of a job, or the individual skills that make up a role, are changing and will continue to change in the future. Shift in skill sets is not just about learning new skills. It's also about shifting mindsets to embrace and adopt new skills. As society advances and technology evolves, we will see more shifts in skills required for various roles.


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Ang Hui Ming is the co-founder of Leaderonomics and is a living testament that words of affirmation and recognition can go a long way for a person’s personal and career development. She wants to make a dent in the universe by "transforming the nation" one person at a time

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