Post Pandemic Transformation of Talent Succession

Feb 27, 2023 24 Min Podcast

Succession planning without integrated efforts for successor development is simply replacement planning.

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Did the pandemic accelerate the talent succession plans in your organisation?

Talent Succession Planning is nothing new. It is a key part of any business continuity program that companies have been practising all this while. However, in the recent years, the pandemic has accelerated the awareness of strategic succession planning. COVID-19 forced many organisations to revisit many of their previous projections about how resilient they would be in a crisis, including their succession plans. The Great Resignation, ESG, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion collectively has impacted the way companies are dealing with this matter. Jeffrey Tan, Design & Solutions Director of Leaderonomics Services Malaysia (LSM) talks about how organisations should consider all likely scenarios when planning.

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Jeffrey Tan is the Design & Solutions Director of Leaderonomics Services Malaysia. He has spent more than 13 years working in the area of human capital consulting and talent management, with the privilege of having partnered with many multinationals and government-linked clients to diagnose their human capital needs and design solutions to help them execute talent strategies.



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