Muru Annamalai, Abbvie Head of Commercial, International

Mar 01, 2017 32 Min Video

Muru Annamalai, AbbVie head of commercial, international (LA, EEMEA, JAPAC), reminisces his childhood and credited his mother for the priceless life experiences he went through as a child, i.e. lifetime experiences that cannot be taught from our education system.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

  • To achieve significance and sustainable success, be honest and ask ourselves, “What’s my end game?”
  • Marketing is the art of creating a dream and making it come alive.
  • Know your secure bases. Go explore and have little adventures in your career, but ensure you have a back-up plan and something you can fall back on.
  • Leadership is all about creating energy and moving people by emotions.
  • We have many inspiring people who have contributed in many big ways, but their stories remained untold. We need to learn from our Western counterparts to be better storytellers.

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