Integrating Sustainable CSR

Sep 27, 2022 26 Min Podcast

If I'm going to invest into this community, what are they going to get and how will it benefit them?

CSR Sustainability (Peoples hands)
The importance of CSR and how to ensure its sustainability.

Many organisations are becoming more aware of their social accountability, resulting in the creation of CSR initiatives and/or branches within the company. But is this actually making an impact? And how can CSR move from being an afterthought to a core tenet of your organisation? Aaron Dason, head of operations at M.A.D. Movement, explains the importance of CSR and how to ensure CSR sustainability. 


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Aaron Dason is what you call ‘the life’ of the party. He started with training both in delivery and analysis before moving to Michael Page to focus on commercial experience. Today, he leads the CSR space in MAD Movement (previously known as Leaderonomics Community) as he aids our clients to impact the community through various intiatives


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