Why SMEs Need To Raise Their ESG Game

Oct 23, 2023 23 Min Podcast

Who Cares Wins


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What's Your Company Doing to Get ESG-Compliant?

Welcome to the world of ESG—three little letters that mean big things in today's business landscape.

Let's break it down. ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. 'E' tackles everything eco-related—think climate, energy, water, and waste management. It's about businesses being planet-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint.

Then there's 'S' for Social. This one's all about people—your employees' well-being, health, safety, diversity, inclusivity, and giving back to your local community. It's about being a good neighbour and making a positive impact beyond your office walls.

Now, 'G' is for Governance. It's where we dive into the behind-the-scenes of how companies are run. We're talking anti-corruption measures, cybersecurity, and making sure everything is ethically sound.

But why does ESG matter? How is it shaping the future of business, and what can companies do to embrace these principles for a better world and a healthier bottom line? What can small and medium-sized businesses do to adopt ESG practices so that it becomes part of the culture of the organisation? These are some of the matters to understand when crafting a sustainability plan for your business for your organisation.




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Vicks Kanagasingam is the CEO of Leaderonomics Digital.


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