How to Hire, Motivate, and Retain Gen-Z In Work

Sep 18, 2023 28 Min Podcast

Youths (job seekers) find a connection to organisations through the organisation's social platforms.

Few Gen-Zs at work

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Unveiling the Motivational Drivers of Generation Z Job Seekers

A Deloitte report says that Gen Z will soon surpass Millennials as the most populous generation on earth, with more than one-third of the world’s population counting themselves as Gen Zers. So as Gen Zers enter the workforce, their impact could be pronounced, given their differences from Millennials, this generation seems to have a different perspective on careers and how to define success in life and in the workforce.

Extrinsic and intrinsic motivations play crucial roles in the job-seeking behaviour of youths. Extrinsic motivation involves external factors such as salary, benefits, job security, and recognition. On the other hand, intrinsic motivation stems from personal values, interests, passions, and the desire for personal fulfillment. Youths seeking intrinsic motivation in their job search often prioritise factors like meaningful work, job satisfaction, work-life balance, personal growth, and the alignment of their values with the company's mission. They are driven by the intrinsic rewards of doing work they find genuinely engaging and fulfilling. 

However, there are some trends and preferences that tend to be more common among Gen Z job seekers. What are they?



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