The Impact of Digital Youth Programmes

Mar 29, 2022 26 Min Podcast

It doesn't mean that when you're adult, you cannot learn certain things.

Kid smiling in front of the computer (Youth Programmes)
Youth Programmes

It is naturally important for us to guide and develop our youth in order to shape a better future. Darren Timothy, Special Projects Partner at Leaderonomics Youth, discusses whether digital youth development programmes are less impactful than physical programmes; and what your own upskilling journey could look like in digitising your engagement with youth.

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Tags: Youth, Digital

Darren is currently a Youth Programme Leader with the Youth Team at Leaderonomics. He is deeply passionate about impacting the lives of today's youths and providing the right platform to aid their personal development. He has taken multiple roles in the past where he worked with youths such as coordinating a tutoring programme for the underprivileged and other community-related endeavours. He has also volunteered abroad with an international NGO in Sri Lanka for a short stint.

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