Embracing Authentic Leadership To Unlock Your True Potential

Jul 30, 2023 24 Min Podcast

Authentic leadership cannot be manufactured, or is something that you can put on. It comes from within.

authentic leadership

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The Essence of Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is a leadership style that emphasises transparency, genuineness and honesty, where leaders build genuine relationships with their employees by inspiring trust and fostering a positive work environment. 

Authentic leadership is a powerful approach that places emphasis on consistency and trust. True authentic leaders not only uphold their values but also demonstrate unwavering consistency in their actions and decisions. By aligning their words with deeds, they inspire confidence and admiration among their followers. This consistency breeds trust, as people can rely on them to act with integrity and remain true to their principles. Authentic leaders foster open and transparent communication, encouraging open dialogue and mutual respect, which further deepens the foundation of trust. Ultimately, their unwavering authenticity creates a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals feel empowered and motivated to achieve collective goals.




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Rashmi Srivastava Menon is the Country Managing Director of Leaderonomics Services Malaysia. 

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