Malaysians Touching Lives Across Borders

Feb 23, 2020 4 Min Read
Lam managing outpatient registrations at a village in Santhong
Source:Photo above: Lam managing outpatient registrations at a village in Santhong.

Malaysians are at the forefront of a medical mission to help the people of Laos

Driven by a desire of giving selfless service, Eddie Lam has worked tirelessly to bring hope and medical relief to district communities in his adopted country, Laos.

This plucky Malaysian is one of the main movers behind the recent “Humanitarian and Love” project – a free medical mission that delivered basic healthcare, from July 18–20, 2015, to the poor villagers of Santhong District in Vientiane.

“This country lacks healthcare facilities and support. I wanted to demonstrate that our healthcare team has compassion that transcends borders, race, religion, language, culture, politics and nationalities,” says Lam, who has resided in Laos for the last 11 years.

Compassion knows no bounds

The mission was a huge undertaking – close to 4,500 treatments were given. The villagers received free outpatient services from the eye, dental, general medical and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) clinics which were set up at the local school.

What is even more amazing was that the mission was made possible through crowdfunding, raised by medical practitioners and volunteers from Malaysia and Singapore, which fulfilled a budget of US$50,000 (RM195,000).

Sponsors ECM Libra, Essilor, YSP Industries and KPMG Laos played important roles – in an alliance that brought together more than 200 medical professionals, volunteers and translators from three countries, working together with the upcoming Vientiane International Hospital (VISH) and the embassies of Malaysia and Singapore.

Plans in the making

According to Dr. A. Aruleswaran, the managing director of VISH:

“The mission served as a bridge to reach those who needed medical aid, and as a measure to transfer knowledge to develop the healthcare services in Laos.”

He adds that the mission is a good start and expresses hope that it will be continued annually with the completion of the hospital.

The humanitarian work that is being done by the mission volunteers does not just alleviate the pain and suffering of those in need, but also reflects the goodwill, compassion and happiness that can be shared with everyone and everywhere.

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