Tips For A Good Internship Experience

Aug 08, 2014 1 Min Read
  1. Take initiative to add value to your team and solve potential work-related challenges
  2. Be humble and eager to learn new skills such as presentation skills
  3. Be communicative through written and verbal means to connect with fellow co-workers and team members
  4. Treat everyone with respect regardless of status and position
  5. Be quick to think things creatively, and ask questions.


Interested to know more stories from and about the youth of today? Look out for next week’s issue!

In conjunction with International Youth Day, we will be featuring stories of inspiring youths, young geniuses with inventions which are changing the world, stories from our very own DIODE campers, and many more career and leadership lessons!

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International Youth Day was designated by the United Nations in 1999. It serves as an awareness day which focuses on cultural and legal issues surrounding youth.

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on Aug 12.

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