Awareness Through C-Talks

Aug 08, 2014 1 Min Read


C-Talks are initiated by TalentCorp to create greater career awareness among students and provide a platform for them to engage with chief executive officers (CEOs), human resource (HR) representatives and well-known industry icons.

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Chill out Wednesday

Held every alternate Wednesday on campuses, this is a great opportunity for students to get firsthand insights on experiences and words of wisdom from industry experts, to equip them for employment. Students take part in activities to prepare themselves for employment such as CV Review Clinics, mock interviews and many more.

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FAME Friday

Held every last Friday of the month outside campuses, at public areas or even at companies, FAME (which stands for “Featured Admirable Marvelous Employer”) Friday features top personnel from different industries sharing their knowledge on certain topics, as well as their work experiences.

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To a certain extent, the up-close and personal approach by corporate leaders during C-Talks inspire undergraduates to take the proactive step in exploring vast career possibilities.

Early exposure to the various career choices in the Malaysian context helps to broaden their horizons.

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