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Nov 07, 2014 1 Min Read

LDR-PDF-downloadDriving DIODE camps as catalysts for change

For the past six years, DIODE, the brand under the community umbrella of Leaderonomics, has been organising leadership camps to inspire young leaders all over Malaysia.

The brand is committed to providing an experiential learning experience to its participants through various projects, game-based learning, engagement sessions and leadership sharing by leaders from different fields.

Leaderonomics Youth, in partnership with Microsoft Malaysia, will be running a series of DIODE Camps this coming December school holidays.

The camps are specially designed to help youth, aged 12 to 19, discover their true leadership potential through various experiential learning sessions.

The three camps are the Tweens Leadership Camp, Youth Leadership Camp, and School Leavers Camp. Each camp is designed specifically to cater to the needs of youth at different stages of their lives.

Tweens Leadership Camp

The Tweens Leadership Camp is a fun-filled 4-day camp for tweens 12 to 13 years old. This specially tailored camp is designed to help participants in understanding their true potential as a leader.

Campers will be given the opportunity to lead other youths through group projects. They will be mentored by certified facilitators throughout the camp.

Youth Leadership Camp

To ensure continuous learning for campers, the dedicated Leaderonomics Youth team has also designed a special programme for those aged 14 to 16. This exciting 6-day programme, branded as the Youth Leadership Camp, is one-of-a-kind.

The camp covers topics like confidence and self-awareness, as well as communication and public speaking skills.

Similar to what the Tweens Camp offers, the Youth Leadership Camp’s unique selling point would be its Challenge Day piece, where youth are given different types of projects whereby they would need to pitch their ideas to a group of panelists towards the end of the camp.

The board of panelists comprises leaders from different fields. Through this session, the camp aims to inspire and connect youth with prominent leaders from all over the country.

School Leavers Camp

Through DIODE, Leaderonomics Youth has also developed a camp to cater to youth aged 17 to 19 to prepare them for their transition from high school to tertiary education and the working world.

The camp highlights include career sharing by successful individuals from various fields. This aims to expose youth to the different types of careers available for them as they chart their career paths.

This camp also focuses on providing youth with guidance in coming up with their personal development plans.

The School Leavers Camp is definitely something not to be missed by youth who want to further explore where their true passion lies.

Building future leaders

All in all, the DIODE series of camps are exciting and fun-filled, allowing participants to truly explore their potential and bringing them up to the next level.

Leaderonomics Youth concentrates on providing hands-on experiences for its campers, and through these camps, participants will get to understand themselves better through various simulations and interactive game-based learning sessions.

Other than meeting new people from different backgrounds, campers will also be able to connect with great leaders who share the same passion in developing future generations.

Through the live projects, youth will not only learn about working together as a team, they will also be inspired to maximise their leadership potential and eventually impact their peers, communities and nation with the guidance of passionate mentors and facilitators.

The DIODE Camp series will be running from Dec 1–6 and Dec 15–20 (Youth Leadership Camps), Dec 3–6 (Tweens Leadership Camp) and Dec 8–13 (School Leavers Camp). To find out more about the Leaderonomics Youth Camp series, please visit


First published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 8 November 2014

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