Celebrating A Hero Among Us!

Jul 21, 2017 1 Min Read

Aunty Shanti, our hero in Leaderonomics!


Meet T.Vijayarani. Fondly known as Auntie Shanti, the 50-year-old sweet-natured lady is the face of Leaderonomics.

Starting out as a kacang supplier to Leaderonomics eight years ago, Auntie Shanti was approached by co-founder Ang Hui Ming, who offered her a job as a receptionist.

Auntie Shanti was surprised that anyone would hire her at 46 but she felt obliged and took on the job with a condition that she’d try it for a month.

It has been four years since and today, Auntie Shanti is not only a receptionist, she is also the telephone operator and a trusted office administrator of the company. She voluntarily helps the Finance Department with claims and Human Resources Department with recruitment process. She is also a Health and Safety committee member and office maintenance in-charge.

“This is like paradise to me. I love the bosses, the people and the culture here. Leaderonomics is like family. Never once has anyone looked down on me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and discovered my hidden talents because the bosses believed in me. Everyone would encourage me with their positive attitudes and presence,” says Auntie Shanti when we asked what she loves the most about the organisation.


a hero among us

Aunty Shanti (far left) showing the guestbook to two of our new employees.


To her – and to some extent her family – joining Leaderonomics was a life-altering experience and she continues to inspire everyone in her own unique ways. For instance, she collects old newspapers and other recyclable items from the office daily, and the money she gets from selling them is used for charity work – an action that describes Leaderonomics’ vision as a social enterprise.

She was offered better paying jobs but Auntie Shanti declined them all saying that she feels appreciated and valued right where she is.

With so much enthusiasm and love, she continues to inspire us at Leaderonomics with her weekly quotes and bubbly personality.

Thank you, Auntie Shanti. You’re a hero to us.

With Love;
All of us at Leaderonomics
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