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Jul 21, 2017 1 Min Read


“What is your purpose in life?”, “What do you love doing?”, “Are you happy at work?” There you go, life’s unavoidable questions. We need to be reminded that life is beyond us and we are made to work.

We are responsible for our God-given talents for the advancement of life, the economy and the human race. We work to progress in life; progression leads to fulfilment and the assurance of purpose. Life and work are inseparable; make the most of it.

The big picture: to find fulfilment and purpose in life and work, you need to be responsible and selfless. Let’s break it down.


1. Work-life integration

Work-life balance is a misconception. People who find fulfilment in their work that ultimately translate to a wholesome life are able to manage their lives holistically, with work being integrated into their lives; a seamless habit that enables them to achieve a fulfilling result. Work is part of life, compartmentalising life and work will only cause confusion and unproductivity.


2. Be contented yet ambitious

You have heard this before, hear it again – be grateful! Be grateful that you have a less-than-perfect life, a paying job, an abled body. Envy will keep you far from contentment, get rid of it. To find life and work’s fullest fulfilment, know that being contented will save you a lot of wishful thinking and keep your head clear for what is ahead. Be contented but never miss out on being ambitious as that gives you an extra dose of motivation to fulfill your purpose in life. Be contented with your current state; be ambitious for a better future.


3. Create your own haven

Too often, people complain about their struggles or misfortunes in life and at work. Stop complaining and channel that energy into creating what you love. Take responsibility of your own life and find that sugar and spice that will bring you fulfilment. If your work is less than ideal, create your own playing field. If your life is a mess, step up and get organised. You will not find fulfilment and purpose among deep clutter. Create an environment where you can have an unfair advantage to thrive.


4. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Your community plays a huge role in shaping your life. Since young, our days were spent building relationships, some made an impact, and some were treated as acquaintance. We usually build a tight network of influencers. No matter the journey, we are made to socialise and the older we get, we need to choose wisely our circle of influencers. These influencers will determine how you look at life and treat work. So, if you want to soar like an eagle, don’t mix around with turkeys.


5. Champion a cause bigger than yourself

Again, life is graciously bigger than our finite minds can ever conceive. So don’t spend too much time trying to figure out life, rather, be selfless and lend a helping hand to others who need it more than you. As for me, I personally want to make an impact towards the people around me by simply sharing my experiences from being a mentor to entrepreneurs.

At work, I am building a business not just to serve market solutions, but to establish and provide a purposeful job opportunity for the generations. Sometimes finding your purpose and fulfilment in life and work takes reverse engineering. Go ahead, champion a cause and allow it to mould you.

The above recommendations are not exhaustive to finding fulfilment and purpose in life and work. Take intentional time to recognise your purpose in life and work. Drive that purpose forward to find continuous fulfilment. Be responsible and selfless.

Daryll is the Co-Founder and Director of OpenMinds™. He is actively involved in social media strategising, startups, and business development. As an entrepreneur, he strives to make a positive impact and create purposeful jobs. He also writes at Engage with him on and get in touch with Daryll, e-mail

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