A Father’s Journey Of Perseverance

Sep 26, 2014 1 Min Read

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June 6, 2010 – the day my son’s dreams were shattered with these words from his doctor, “Dinesh is paralysed.”

Confidence and optimism were always my virtues but the situation overwhelmed me with confusion and hopelessness. I felt I was floating aimlessly.

Before long, it struck me that a clear vision and focus were needed for my son and family, followed by the affirmed decision of having only Plan A – my son will get back on his feet and lead normality again.

Clear objectives and utter focus on a one-way street kickstarted the journey to prove that the possibility of achieving the “impossible” lies in true grit, persistence, perseverance and optimism.

The emotional factor during the painful period had to be sidelined. Instead, limitless pressure was “forced” upon my son for every inch of improvement.

Little steps of success

Achievements despite adversities were proven when he completed his Bachelor of Engineering, followed by his Master of Science, and stepped into the working world. These were despite the doubters who said these would be impossible tasks.

This definitely proves that when undying effort is exerted, goals are within reach despite obstacles, and when one does not settle for Plan B.

Dinesh is definitely seen as winning this battle in his nearest future. In my humble opinion, he remains a true builder of hope for others who may be facing impossibilities – be it emotionally, mentally or physically.

So, if you stay focused with unstoppable optimism and effort, half your battle is already won.

Leaderonomics was in touch with Dinesh’s father who answered a few questions about his journey as head of the family during those trying times. Email us at editor@leaderonomics.com for your thoughts.


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