5 Essential Work Ethics For ‘freshies’ To Boost Their Careers




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After years of grind in the university for a diploma or degree, fresh graduates are ecstatic to embark on their career journey and express their capabilities in the working world.

Being new and inexperienced can be a rather tough challenge for “freshies” to prove their skills at work. The various hurdles that they encounter during this period may cause great frustration.

Nevertheless, to support the idea that “nothing is impossible”, here are five essential work ethics that can make you stand out as a newbie while increasing your success rate at work:

1 Be Organised

The first step to being a successful employee is to be organised. Make sure all work documents are neatly and accurately arranged in folders; that includes your electronic documentation as well.

Store all important emails in folders that are easily accessible when requested for.

Having a clean and clutter-free work station also keeps your mind clear. A clutter free workstation ensures you have easy access to everything and this will make you an efficient and productive employee.

Besides that, you may also be setting a good example for your colleagues by spreading good habits; a crucial ability to help you go further in any of your future career ventures.

2 Take on Assignments

Stand up and raise your hand! Volunteering for projects and assignments at work is a key step to prove that you are a proactive person and willing to take up challenges.

However, do make sure that you will be able to carry out the task successfully and that it is not something above your league!

Once you have agreed to do an assignment, make sure you see it through and don’t back off mid-way.

Build a team to help you and never be afraid to ask if uncertainty arises. Once you have done your research, be confident with your knowledge and present your ideas and solutions boldly.

3 Manage Your Time Wisely

Time management is significant in every aspect of life. You should be able to identify which tasks are most important and address them with the appropriate sense of urgency.

Have a checklist with you so you do not leave any task incomplete. Saying “I forgot” is very unprofessional and shows lack of discipline. Forgetting to complete tasks may also label you as lazy and inefficient, which can be a bane in your career growth.

4 Be Courteous

Being courteous may seem paltry, but actually plays a major role in determining your career. As a newbie, always remember your manners.

Greeting your colleagues, regardless of their position, can help you sustain yourself in the organisation. Everyone would like to work with someone nice and friendly, and if you are that someone, you would see yourself given more responsibilities.

When you are nice, people tend to go out of their way to help you and this is imperative when you are new in an organisation, trying to gain knowledge, skills and experience. So remember your P’s and Q’s, do not forget to smile, and always greet your peers!

5 Be Positive

When you are new to the working world it is normal to feel down and de-motivated. You tend to make small scrapes here and there which might hurt your pride more than once throughout the day, but this should not discourage you.

Remember your mistakes, learn from them and don’t repeat them. To do this, a positive attitude is important. Mistakes are bound to happen, but always be optimistic and get back on track.

A positive mindset also makes you more productive and leads you to making wiser decisions. Positivity is most crucial when there is a problem at work.

Nobody wants an employee that laments over a situation. They would prefer one who finds a solution. If a problem arises, be optimistic, find a solution and do not let apprehension conquer you.

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