Terrific Thursday Tails: Bird of Paradise

Jan 08, 2015 1 Min Read
birds of paradise
Source:Photo by SK Yeong on Unsplash

My fellow human beings,
This week, we venture to the southern hemisphere to find… the Bird of Paradise! More specifically… this odd looking one above!

Birds of Paradise are famed for their outrageous and flamboyant mating displays. The males of the species have some of the most excellent plumage known to the bird-world. In fact, they would not look out of place at the Brazilian Carnival. In case you still don’t believe that that is a bird… watch the video all the way to the end. You can watch this magnificient creature do its thing.

Leadership lesson:

Great leaders must know how to be at their best performance when trying to persuade clients or their own team members to buy-in to an idea. Just as the Birds of Paradise do.

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Millie is formerly the Head of Talent Assessment in Leaderonomics. She is forever intrigued by the human species and is passionate about learning about people.

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