Potential And Decisions

Feb 10, 2014 1 Min Read

Since I was quite young, the potential of people has always intrigued me. Part of the reason why youth fascinates me is the potential the young carry within them. Potential is like an unlit match, where once struck can light itself, a candle, or a bonfire. I think potential is something everyone feels in themselves, but whether they strike the first strike and how they go on to light things is a matter that differs from one person to another.

Maybe  this week, we can take a step back from looking to others as our heroes and instead turn that looking inward. You want a hero to tide you through your days? Well, take a look in the mirror instead. What potentials have you? How much do you have un-mined in you? What have you to offer not only to yourself, but to those around you?

Potential. It is in all of us. And maybe more than just potential, what will truly be heroic is the decision to act on and carry forth that potential.

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