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By Keat Lim Chong|25-11-2018 | 1 Min Read



Ten years is a long time.

Almost enough time to see a child through primary and secondary school, to complete a Cultural Revolution in China…

Or to build a company named Leaderonomics.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that people don’t join Leaderonomics because it’s a nice place to work – supportive bosses, progressive culture, and great learning opportunities, among others – but it’s because they want to join a better vision/version of themselves.

Consider our values: Empowering, Relationships, Growth, Giving, and Building the Future.

Since values shape and inform the way we think and act, it’s important to continuously find new expressions for the needs of our time.

Empowering and Growth

This can either be a good thing or bad thing for you where the company actually believes in you more than you believe in yourself!

You are encouraged (sometimes volunteered) to take up new experiences, like leading a project team, taking on a new role, giving a talk to youths, going on a radio show, interviewing a world-class leader, or conducting coffee-drinking appreciation sessions.

Here at Leaderonomics, you are at the forefront of new experiences and growth.

Giving and Relationships

There’s always something to do in the company, and there’s always an opportunity to add value to the people around you by sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas.

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Sharing life.

After all, life is meant to be shared, and it is in giving that we receive. So clichéd, yet I see this over and over in the workplace over lunch or in coaching conversations, and even outside of work hours in Leaderonomics FC matches and other team bonding activities.

So, take every opportunity to participate, and remember that if you’re bored, it’s your fault.

Building the Future

We are passionate about building leaders.

We do this by challenging ourselves to be better leaders every day, practising what we preach, and owning up when we don’t.

But, for true transformation to take place, we would also need to invite, partner with, and enable others into the leadership space, so they too can journey unrestrictedly towards their leadership goals.

Tying it together

After 10 years, I wonder… if leadership was made illegal, would there be enough evidence to convict us?

My wish and prayer for Leaderonomics is that we will not stop in the mere acceptance of theories and models of leadership, but this authentic faith of our calling is expressed in sacrificial loving action, in every moment of our existence.


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Keat Lim is formerly the director of coaching and executive development at Leaderonomics.
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