My 8-Year Journey At Leaderonomics

Nov 25, 2018 1 Min Read


Someone recently asked me, “What’s kept you here for so long?” I answered, “The vision and the culture.” And of course, it’s the people who shape the culture.

I had never heard of Leaderonomics prior to joining the company. It was while volunteering at a youth camp that I first met Roshan Thiran, the CEO, and was very inspired by him.

When I eventually read the Leaderonomics’ vision and what they do, it immediately resonated with me. I knew this was where I wanted to be, and it has been an 8-year journey thus far.

The start of a journey

There were only 16 of us when I first joined. Today, we are almost 70. I was hired as a graphic designer to build the Leaderonomics brand through visuals, collaterals and merchandise.

Through the years, I have definitely worked on a much broader scale of design work, including interior designing for our newest office and managing the entire renovation process.

Apart from designing, there were also opportunities to role-play and facilitate at our corporate simulations, training sessions, and youth leadership camps.

One thing is for sure: I’ve become more flexible as a person, and more daring to embark on new challenges, too! There were different occasions that pushed me to lead certain projects which contributed to my growth.

Doing meaningful work

What makes work meaningful is the relationships between Leaderonomers, and the people (clients) that we work with.

The giving nature of our organisation also opens up many opportunities for us to be involved in giving back to our community.

When I facilitate at our youth leadership camps, it is very fulfilling to see the young lives being changed.

Building homes for the orang asli, as well as refurbishing an orphanage – these are all precious experiences that I treasure.

The journey continues

This year, I moved to the corporate development division where every part of the role pushes me beyond my comfort zone.

Two years back, I would never have imagined myself doing what I am doing today. I am very grateful for being empowered to take on this new role within the core business of the organisation.

The journey is an exciting one when you are not only growing as a person, but helping others become better too!


 Lisanne is with the learning and development team at Leaderonomics and is intrigued by anything related to self-discovery. She has an artistic flair and an eye for beauty. She loves good food, enjoys nature and likes travelling.


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