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Nov 21, 2014 1 Min Read

LDR-PDF-download-110x110(Picture above: Taylor’s Education Group Leadership CSR retreat Homebuild 2013)

With its booming education industry, Malaysia is set to be the fastest growing education hub in South-East Asia.

The education sector is no longer considered a secondary industry but has become a driver for social and economic growth of the nation, allowing space for organisations in this industry to move up in terms of importance.

Taylor’s Education Group is well known for its top-notch standards in private education. The Group owns and operates some of Malaysia’s premier institutions – namely Taylor’s University, Taylor’s College, Garden International School, Australian International School Malaysia, Nexus International School Putrajaya and Taylor’s International School.

This year, as the Group emerged winner of Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers (M100) in the education sector, we delve into this organisation, and to understand what a career in Taylor’s Education Group is.

Group CEO Datuk Loy Teik Ngan says: “The private education industry has undergone phenomenal change in the last decade. Being an education group that is both progressive and responsive to change in the education landscape, we continuously place an emphasis on our people. Winning the M100 award is a great recognition and a significant milestone for us. It validates our efforts in making Taylor’s a great place to work.”

Culture and engagement

Taylor’s Education Group achieved a high score of 82% in the recent employee engagement survey, positioning the Group competitively in the global education industry.

So, what makes Taylor’s Education Group a top employer? One of the secrets lies in the alignment of heart and minds of all employees to its core purpose, which is “To educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community”.

The other differentiator is its strong culture around living the core values – R.E.C.I.P.E.

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A career in the education industry may not appear to be a first or obvious choice for many, especially if their background is not in teaching or academic research. However, according to the senior vice-president of group human resources (HR) Janet Lui, “There are career paths mapped out for professional and corporate roles as well as for academics.

“So whether you are a teacher, lecturer or a specialist in the areas of HR, finance, IT (information technology) or marketing, there are opportunities both on-the-job and through development interventions, to help you grow your career with us.”

She adds, “There is a growing number of us who not only want to build a great career – but also apply our skills and contribute towards a meaningful purpose. Here in Taylor’s, this can be achieved.”

Learning and development

Apart from that, the Group also supports its employees in terms of their career development path. This is accomplished by helping them structure a pathway which acts as a guide for how employees can advance within the company, whilst leveraging on their diverse capabilities and skills.

“We constantly seek to train and develop our employees to meet their personal goals as well as the needs of the organisation. Our people are groomed and equipped with the skills they need to take the helm and become leaders of tomorrow,” said Lui.

Taylor’s Education Group does not only develop its employees to be professionally competent, but it also continuously emphasises the emotional well-being of its people. This in turn, brings its core values to life.

Work-life balance

Committed to building an enjoyable environment as well as a great workplace for their people, the Group has also initiated Flexi-Hour and Shift Swapping work arrangements, making certain that employees have a healthy amount of work-life balance.

Punithavathi Muthuthambi of the purchasing department said: “The flexible hours offered at Taylor’s help me a lot especially as I have a child who is still in school. I am not only able to leave work early to spend more time with my son and family, but I am also able to beat the traffic going back to Kajang. In fact, I have gained more time after my work hours to focus on my personal needs. I am very happy, that’s for sure!”

Internship programme… What makes it different?

The Taylor’s Education Group Internship Programme offers a great opportunity for students who are eager to experience the education industry. The key differentiating factor lies in the structure of the programme.

Interns will learn to become responsible citizens through a structured community service assignment, thus earning a more holistic learning experience.

In addition, interns of the Group will immerse themselves into the organisation’s culture through a structured orientation and on-the-job guidance.

They will also be given the opportunity to present their learning outcome to the Group CEO and the senior management team.

Darren Chong, a former public relations and communications intern, described his experience as “unconventional, dynamic, and engaging”. He said: “You’re immersed into a real-life workplace environment that develops critical soft skills sought after by employers of the future.”

Another former intern, Carmen Loh, who worked in the HR department, highlighted her positive experience on the community service assignment.

“The service learning has allowed me to participate in community outreach, which is rarely a part of most companies’ internship programmes,” she said.

Taylor’s world class teacher’s scheme


Tan Vee Yen, second year student, school of education, Taylor’s University

“As a scholarship recipient of Taylor’s World Class Teacher’s Scheme by Taylor’s University, I was given a placement to teach at Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur (TISKL). This is a meaningful opportunity for me as I am able to transform theories into practice.

The enriched academic modules incorporate both in-class lectures and experiential learning in TISKL. In addition to being assigned to a mentor for guidance, I am also privileged to observe the classroom management techniques, the different approaches to lesson planning, and the physical environment of the school that facilitates students’ learning.

All these have definitely expanded my horizon in the field of education, as it was an enriching learning experience out of the norm.”

Employee experiences


Sherniera Iman Mohd Afandi, marketing executive, business development, Taylor’s University

“My career began with the Taylor’s Internship Programme where I was given the opportunity to drive my own project. This exposure has helped me build confidence and enhanced my communication skills.

Furthermore, it has broadened my perspective of the education industry. The programme has led me to a permanent position in the business development team at Taylor’s University. I love the challenges of my role as well as the travelling that comes with the job.”


Dr Caroline Chua, lecturer, school of biosciences, Taylor’s University

“As a fresh PhD holder from Melbourne, I joined Taylor’s University soon after graduation as I wanted to pursue a career in lecturing and research. I was very impressed with the facilities and support offered; I was furnished with various training courses to help me adapt to the teaching environment. From a young academician with little teaching experience, I have now coordinated two new modules at the school of biosciences and I am also a co-researcher in a research project funded by the Taylor’s Research Grant Scheme.”

For more information on a career with Taylor’s Education Group, write to

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