Ever Lost Your Cool And Had An Emotional Outburst?

Jun 09, 2017 4 Min Read
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Anger Management: You May Want to Think Twice Before Pulling that Trigger

Have you felt like exploding in fury simply because you were too stressed by too many things being shot at you from front, back – left, and right? Or worst still, actually lost your cool and had an emotional outburst in the office?

Well, if you have had any one of those or witnessed anyone at work displaying them, then this is some serious anger that needs managing.
Don’t get me wrong. Anger is not a bad feeling. It is completely normal to feel this way but if this emotion takes the upper hand and you end up hurting others, then it is dangerous. Did you know that anger can lead to a positive change if it’s expressed in a useful and constructive way?

Anger can be the pushing factor that enables you to solve problems and bring positive changes in your life. It can also help you defend yourself against those who push you around.

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I have always thought about this emotion, and I must admit that I am guilty of losing my cool every occasionally, and then regretting it. So, I researched and turned this into a course which is now available in our Leaderonomics Digital Learning platform. Here are some key points to take note when it comes to anger management.

How to know if anger is a problem

You know your temper is getting out of control when:

  • Your anger lasts too long. For some, it can even go on the whole day and this is certainly detrimental to your physical and mental well-being.
  • It leads to aggression. Now this is dangerous, as uncontrolled anger can cause one to unleash verbally or physically.
  • It happens frequently. Coping with anger daily can decrease the quality of your overall health as well as personal and professional relationships.
  • It becomes too intense. This is when your emotions consume you, and you act on impulse which you will likely regret when you have calmed down.

How to manage your anger at work

It’s almost impossible to find someone who has never gotten angry at work. Amidst work pressure and conflicts with superiors and colleagues, it’s bound to manifest in one way or another. Here are five simple ways to keep your cool at work no matter what situation you are put in.

1. Breathe
Though you may feel like screaming or snapping back when you’re faced with a confrontation, the right thing to do is to breathe. Count to 10 and calm your nerves. This buys you time to step back, put things into perspective and come up with a logical solution.

2. Write
At times, putting your feelings into words is the best type of emotional release. Pen down your emotions along with the solutions you have in mind. An important point to note here is to keep this to yourself. Once you’ve gained composure, shred the paper and discard it as only you should see what is in writing.

3. Speak to a trusted colleague
You would usually have that one person at work whom you would open up and speak to. The next time you are put in a stressful work-related situation, try to speak to your colleague about it and come up with a solution together. It is best to do this out of the office and out of anyone’s earshot. Do ensure that this person is a trusted comrade who has your best interest at heart. When your colleague is in a similar situation, be sure to offer the same confidence to him or her.

4. Find a happy source
When you’re in an intense situation, find a place for you to mentally escape. This can be your favourite website, a pleasant song you constantly hum to, a chapter of a book you’re currently reading or indulge in your favourite snack. Taking a short break to calm yourself and focusing on what lightens your mood can ease your stress and ensure higher productivity.

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5. Get some love
When you’re facing a challenging situation, it is always comforting to speak to a loved one. This can be your close friend, your siblings, your parents or your significant other. Hearing a familiar voice can soothe a situation and give you the personal boost as well as a moral support you need, and this can go a long way. Take a few minutes to talk to them and make plans to meet later once you’re done with work if you really need a shoulder to lean on.

The next time you feel like unleashing your fury, sit back and try the methods mentioned above. They may sound simple but they can help in bringing you to your senses. Moreover, they may help in steering your anger to the right path which will eventually bring a positive outcome for you and the people surrounding you. Stay cool everyone!

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