7 Ways To Show National Pride At Work

By Leaderonomics|05-09-2013 | 1 Min Read

7 Fly flags with pride!

It’s that time of the year to fly our national flag with pride. Malaysian flags can be purchased for a small sum so it doesn’t costs much to display the Jalur Gemilang in our offices. Change your laptop wallpaper to a Malaysian flag or stick them on your cubicle walls.

6 Take Malaysia international!

Participate in conventions, conferences or seminars that have international involvement. Not only is it a good chance for Malaysia to receive representation at a global level, but it also challenges local talent to put their skills and knowledge to the test.

5 Tour Malaysia

It’s sad how some of us have visited more countries overseas than we have of the numerous towns and islands in Malaysia. Have company retreats at homestay programmes in different parts of east and Peninsular Malaysia for a truly enriching vacation that won’t break the budget.

4 Support local sports and the arts!

We know more about overseas talents and sporting events than we do our own. Why not channel some of that passion towards local acts? Malaysia has plenty of sporting, artistic and intellectual talent that it’s only deserving that they receive some support from their countrymen. In fact, you could even hire some of them to perform at your company annual dinners or event launches.

3 Get to know your neighbours

Harmonious living begins with society and the best way to share the muhibbah spirit is to practise community living right in your own office. Get to know your colleagues from various backgrounds and learn how to create an understanding culture. Also, remember to invite them over during festive seasons.

2 Vote!

There is no better way to prove your love for a country than by voting. It’s a crucial process in determining the country’s future and it’s also your right as a citizen.

Register at any post office and make sure you and all your colleagues show up on polling day to cast your vote.

1 Identify Malaysia’s strengths

While it’s important to be honest, it’s also important to not be constantly negative.

Whenever conversations in the office turn to national topics and events, objectively contribute, but resist cynicism. Keeping in mind the strengths and advantages of Malaysia will help in this regard!

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