Straight A's For Everyone!

Sep 05, 2013 1 Min Read
Straight A

Would you believe me if I told you that you are capable of getting strings of As simply by doing things a little differently?

I am a strong believer that academic success is absolutely attainable if you have the will power and the right method of learning. Each one of us is gifted with great potential just waiting to be unleashed.

With the right tools and techniques you can accomplish your academic targets. Here are some effective techniques on how you can improve your grades significantly.

Eliminate procrastination

With this I don’t mean the usual procrastination of delaying finishing your homework to watch your favourite television show or to aimlessly browse the Internet.

The serious form of procrastination happens when you delay clarifying your doubts over a certain topic or issue in your subjects.

Especially in subjects like Maths and Chemistry, every chapter is inter-related and you need to understand the basic concepts to comprehend the whole picture.

The next time you have the slightest doubts, rush to your teachers or friends and seek help.

The earlier you find a solution to your problem, the lower the chances of you missing out on the bigger picture.

Practise, practise, practise

Vince Lombardi once said: “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

When trying to further understand your subjects, be sure to apply the concepts you have learned. There are ample exercise books and past year papers for you to work on. Saying that, perfect practice does not mean doing exercises blindly.

When you have finished a set of exercises, analyse the wrong questions so the next time, you will not make the same mistakes.

The best way to learn is certainly from making mistakes but make sure you keep them safely within your practice sessions and not during an important exam!

Dramatic distractions

In this age of constant distractions with Facebook notifications or Whatsapp messages popping up on your smartphone screen every five minutes, giving your revision full attention can be a major challenge.

When you are studying, disengage yourself completely from your social media and lend your entire focus to what you are revising.

The number of hours you revise matters less than the quality of your revision. One full hour of well-focused revision is more likely to bring you better results than three hours of revision with your phone and laptop beside you.

Use resources to your advantage

All of us have different methods of learning. It is worthwhile to gauge your learning style. There are many resources out there that can assist your learning.

Use the Internet to your advantage. For example, a visual learner would likely benefit from learning more about a topic by watching a YouTube video on it. There are many educational videos out there.

There is more to the Internet then Twitter and 9Gag. There are numerous sites that can guide your learning such as Khan Academy that offers various videos.

There are even Malaysian resources you can use, such as and for SPM students.

Besides those, we have dedicated teachers from all over Malaysia that share their tips and tricks on blogs like and are many more resources on the Internet that you can use to guide your learning. You just have to find them.

These are just several techniques that may assist you in your pursuit towards academic excellence. Remember, dreams don’t work unless you do. With that, good luck and all the best.

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