Some Fast Facts About Youth


Lim Lay Hsuan


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45% of the world’s internet users are below the age of 25, and 30% of the world’s youth have been active online at least five years.

Less than 6% of the parliamentarians globally are under 35 years old.

More recently, youth mobilisation has seen a resurgence particularly through social media channels, innovative informal groupings, and heightened engagement in volunteering.

More than 600 million youth live in fragile and conflict-affected countries and territories.

In crisis and post-conflict settings, young people have demonstrated the potential to build bridges across communities, working together, helping to manage conflict and promote peace.

Within the next decade, the world population is projected to increase by over 400 million, posing additional pressures on the labour markets in developing countries, where about 85% of youth live.

UNDP sees decent work and livelihood creation as chief determinants of socio-economic empowerment of youth and a contributor to the achievement of sustainable human development.

Source: UNDP, March 2014

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