Mega Careers And Study Fair, Bigger Than Before!

Aug 29, 2014 1 Min Read

Mega Careers and Study Fair is back again following a successful showing in February. More than 14,000 visitors turned up during the event, and EP-Asia Group – organisers of the 4-in-1 fair – hope to replicate the spectacular feat with a 5-in-1 fair for students, jobseekers and parents of schoolgoing children.

The Mega Careers and Study Fair is made up of:

  • Malaysia’s 100 Graduate Careers Fair
  • JobsCentral Career Fair

It also includes three education fairs:

  • doctorjob Undergraduate Study Fair
  • doctorjob’s International School Study Fair
  • postgradasia Postgraduate Studies Fair

All happening under one roof at Halls 1 and 2, KLCC on Sept 6–7, 2014.

Admission is free.

Visitors can expect an immersive and interactive experience at the only Gen-Y focused career and education event in the country with:

  • Jobs: One of Malaysia’s largest turnout of quality employers across a multitude of industries
  • Courses: Diverse mix of international and private schools for parents to choose the best schooling options all the way from pre-school to pre-university for their children
  • Social Media Hub: The first-ever Social Media Hub will get visitors up to speed with the latest tech trends plus tips on getting hired or starting an online business using social media by a carefully selected panel of engaging speakers
  • CV checks: One-on-one CV checks for jobseekers to gain specific feedback on their CVs before the big job hunt
  • Soft skills workshops and clinics: Expert soft skills and communication workshops and clinics from an impressive ensemble of academic and industry practitioners for visitors of all ages
  • Free tests: Self-discovery for both adults and children through free personality tests, IQ tests and sand play therapy
  • SPM tips: SPM study tips for secondary school students to learn more about the best ways to answer their exam papers
  • Cash prizes and freebies: Exclusive fair merchandise up for grabs around-the-clock on both days at the fair plus the chance to win attractive cash prizes every hour
  • Family entertainment: Choir competition, real-time cooking contest, games and more for all in the family

Register online now at for express entry at the fair!

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